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Future Crime Research Foundation Hosts Webinar on Top Ransomware Mitigation Strategies



As ransomware attacks grow more sophisticated and widespread, it is crucial for organizations to arm themselves with the knowledge and strategies to effectively respond to and mitigate these threats. The Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) is hosting an informative webinar titled “Ransomware Attack: Best Mitigation Strategies” on Friday, 14th June 2024, from 11 AM to 1 PM. This session will be a part of the Future Crime Decoded series, focusing on equipping attendees with practical insights from industry experts.


Webinar Highlights

Emergency Response & Recovery
Participants will learn how to swiftly and effectively respond to a ransomware attack. This session will cover immediate actions required to contain the threat, communicate with stakeholders, investigate the incident, and restore services with minimal downtime. It will also provide best practices for assembling an incident response team and preserving evidence for potential legal actions.

Prevention of Future Attacks
Prevention is always better than cure. This session will offer comprehensive strategies to prevent future ransomware attacks. Attendees will learn about regular backups, patch management, user training, and advanced security tools to build a robust defense against ransomware. The importance of access controls and multi-factor authentication in safeguarding systems will also be discussed.

Tracking Ransomware
Staying ahead of ransomware threats is critical. This subtopic will cover the importance of incident logging, threat intelligence, and monitoring tools. Participants will learn how to identify patterns, detect unusual activities, and leverage threat intelligence services to stay informed about new ransomware variants and attack methods.


Real Case Studies
Real-world examples provide invaluable lessons. This session will delve into real case studies of notable ransomware attacks such as WannaCry, NotPetya, Colonial Pipeline, and JBS Foods. Attendees will understand the responses, outcomes, and lessons learned from these incidents to better prepare their organizations for potential ransomware threats.

Distinguished Speakers

-Balaji Venketeshwar, Cyber Defense Researcher

-Nikhil Agarwal, Senior Architect, Fortanix

-Nikhil Srivastava, Founder, P.I.V.O.T Security

-Abhirup Guha, AVP, Transasia Soft Tech

-Shivaariti Bajaj, Managing Partner, RSD Bajaj Global Law Firm

This webinar is an unmissable opportunity to gain insights from top industry experts and enhance your organization’s ransomware mitigation strategies. Register now to secure your spot and ensure your organization is well-prepared to handle ransomware threats effectively.


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