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I4C & Jharkhand Police Launches Pratibimb Web Portal A Game-Changer In Fight Against Cybercrime



I4C & Jharkhand Police Launches Pratibimb App A Game-Changer In Fight Against Cybercrime

RANCHI: In a groundbreaking effort to tackle the growing menace of cybercrime across the country, the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Jharkhand Police has launched the Pratibimb platform. This innovative web platform is set to redefine the way law enforcement agencies tackle online criminal activities, offering a powerful new tool in the ongoing battle against digital threats.

This innovative web platform not only aggregates data but also employs geospatial mapping to pinpoint the physical locations of mobile numbers associated with cybercrimes. The platform is accessible only to authorized officers, providing them with an invaluable edge in tracking down digital wrongdoers.

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Mapping the Cyber Threat Landscape

Collecting Data Nationwide: Pratibimb compiles data from all corners of the country daily. This wealth of information will help in identifying and tracking the cybercriminals across India. The action against these criminals will be initiated with the help of telecom operators

“Collaboration among states is crucial in combating this digital menace effectively. The Pratibimb web portal, which collects and processes crime data centrally through the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center (I4C), stands as a pioneering solution that promises to bridge the gap between different states in their fight against cybercrime,” said a senior police officer.

Advantages of Pratibimb platform

One of the primary advantages of the Pratibimb web portal is its ability to project mobile numbers used in cybercrimes across the entire country onto a Geographic Information System (GIS) map. This visual representation allows law enforcement and service providers to ascertain the physical location of these numbers, even if they are being used for criminal activities in a different part of the country.

According to a senior officer, once the mobile details of the cybercriminal are confirmed investigators can block the SIM used in crime and block the mobile phone being used by them.

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To further enhance their efforts, the Jharkhand Police organized a workshop where top officials, including the Director-General of Police (DGP) of Jharkhand, addressed the attendees. Key discussions revolved around topics such as helpline number 1930, hotspot crimes against women and children, and the CCPWC Scheme.

Officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA),  CBI and other law enforcement agencies of Bihar, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Odisha Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh participated and highlighting the importance of cross boarder cooperation and cyber awareness in combating cybercrime.

The launch of the Pratibimb web portal and the discussions at the JCCT workshop signify a significant stride in the fight against cybercrime in India. With geospatial intelligence and enhanced capabilities, law enforcement agencies and the public are better equipped to combat this ever-evolving threat in the digital landscape.

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