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High Court Orders CBI to Probe Deep into Illegal Sand Mining Scandal



Jaipur: Following a directive from the Rajasthan High Court, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has launched a thorough inquiry into the allegations of illegal sand mining in the state. The case, which was earlier under local police jurisdiction, has been transfered to the central level, signaling the gravity of the issue.

Illegal Mining Racket Under Scanner
The High Court’s intervention has led the CBI to re-register the case, initially lodged as FIR No. 527/2023 at the Bundi police station. The accused, nabbed on the 24th of October last year, was caught red-handed transporting a hefty 40 metric tons of sand without a speck of legal documentation. The owner of the vehicle used in the illicit act has also been clamped down by the state police and is now in judicial custody, pondering over his choices behind bars.

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On the ground, the CBI’s actions have been swift and decisive. They stormed the residential premises of the accused in Bundi, seizing a trove of incriminating evidence. The documents recovered could be the missing puzzle pieces that help map out the entire illegal operation.

The High Court has widened the CBI’s net, instructing them to also sniff out any connections with the ‘mafias’ — a term colloquially used to describe organized networks involved in such rackets. These mafias are believed to operate in the Chambal and Banas river regions, areas notorious for illegal mining activities. The CBI is compiling a comprehensive report, gathering all the FIRs and details of similar crimes, and is poised to clamp down on these networks with full force.

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