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Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

New Cyber Scam Alert: Beware of Fake Covid Vaccine Feedback Calls
With rising cybercrimes, scammers exploit feedback calls, posing as vaccine surveyors. Victims unwittingly reveal bank details by pressing buttons, leading to financial fraud. Delhi Police alerts citizens against responding to suspicious calls, emphasizing caution amid increasing cases of deceitful tactics targeting vaccine feedback.

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Police Warn Against Cyber Fraud Tactics: MHA Issues Alert
Bhubaneswar citizens cautioned against cyber fraud during elections as scammers asked for voter ID updates, draining bank accounts. Commissionerate Police warns against responding to such calls or messages, advising verification through the National Voters Service Portal. Complaints can be filed at or by contacting the cyber cell police.

India’s Cybercrime Watchdog Takes Action: Blocks Over 1,000 Skype Accounts
Over 1,000 Skype IDs linked to cross-border cybercriminals conducting online intimidation, blackmail, and “digital arrests” have been blocked by the Indian government. The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre warns of scams like the ‘parcel scam,’ urging citizens to report incidents and seek assistance through designated channels to combat cybercrime.

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Rising Cyber Frauds: Low Arrest Rates Despite High Complaints and FIRs
The National Cyber Crime Portal records 31 lakh cyber fraud complaints since 2020, with arrests in less than 1% of cases. Loan lending app scams, particularly those originating from China, raise concerns in meetings of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Finance. Tech giants are urged to combat the menace.

Alert Issued by MHA on Cyber Criminals Impersonating Police for Blackmail and Digital Arrests
MHA alerts against cybercriminals posing as police or central agencies and engaging in blackmail and digital arrests. I4C, in collaboration with Microsoft, blocks over 1,000 Skype IDs and aids in blocking SIM cards and mobile devices used by fraudsters. Citizens urged to report incidents and raise awareness about such scams.


European Rollout: Claude AI Chatbot Set to Launch Across Europe
Anthropic, backed by Amazon, introduces Claude AI to European users, expanding to non-EU nations like Switzerland and Iceland. CEO Dario Amodei highlights Claude’s versatility in scientific, customer service, and writing tasks. Anthropic’s Claude 3, rivaling OpenAI’s GPT-4, offers multimodal capabilities and a business plan at €28/user/month. Founded by the Amodei siblings, Anthropic plans global availability via Amazon and Google cloud platforms.

Mortgage Lender Hacked: Credit Card Details Exposed on Dark Web
Firstmac, a major Australian non-bank lender, suffers a cyberattack, resulting in customer data theft and publication on the dark web. Ransomware gang EMBARGO claims responsibility, demanding a ransom. The breach follows a surge in cyberattacks against Australian organizations, prompting legislative action and highlighting data protection concerns.

Cybersecurity Expert Warns of Amplified Catfishing Threat in Online Dating
The rising accessibility of AI tools like ChatGPT sees Australian singles utilizing AI for dating purposes, including crafting conversation starters and enhancing profile photos, as per the Norton report. Despite heightened scamming risks on dating apps, particularly with AI involvement, one in four surveyed individuals reports being targeted, with over $40 million lost to scams. Older individuals are especially vulnerable due to their lower tech savvy.

NCSC Introduces ‘Share and Defend’ Capability
The NCSC introduces ‘Share and Defend’, a collaborative effort with ISPs and tech companies to protect the UK from cyber attacks and fraud. By sharing malicious indicators, such as domains and URLs, with industry partners, including BT and Jisc, the initiative aims to deny access to malicious content and enhance online safety.

NASA Appoints First AI Chief
NASA appoints David Salvagnini as its first AI officer, expanding his role as chief data officer. He will lead strategic planning for AI usage, aligning with President Biden’s Executive Order. Salvagnini brings over two decades of technology leadership experience, previously serving in the intelligence community.

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