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Nationwide Operation Targets 28,200 Handsets, 20 Lakh Numbers Used for Cybercrimes

DoT, MHA & State Police collaborate to dismantle cybercrime networks linked to 28,200 mobile handsets & 2 million phone numbers. Action aims for a safer digital space.



राजस्थान में बंद किए गए 7 लाख Mobile Connection, इन नंबरों से भरतपुर-अलवर से हो रहा था Cyber Fraud

NEW DELHI: In a major step towards securing the digital landscape for its citizens, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and State Police forces have joined forces in a nationwide crackdown on cybercrime and financial frauds. This collaborative effort aims to dismantle the networks of fraudsters and disrupt their operations, ultimately protecting citizens from digital threats.

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Unearthing a Massive Network: Through meticulous analysis, the MHA and State Police unearthed a concerning trend: a staggering 28,200 mobile handsets were identified as being used in cybercrime activities. But the investigation didn’t stop there. The DoT took this information a step further by analyzing call records and connections linked to these devices. This analysis revealed a much larger web, uncovering a massive network of 20 lakh (2 million) mobile numbers associated with the criminal activity.

Taking Down the Infrastructure: Wasting no time, the DoT issued a two-pronged attack on the criminal infrastructure. First, a nationwide directive was issued to telecom service providers to block all 28,200 identified mobile handsets. This effectively cuts off communication channels used by cybercriminals, hindering their ability to coordinate and carry out attacks.

Disrupting the Network: The second part of the DoT’s directive targets the network itself. All 20 lakh mobile numbers linked to the blocked handsets will undergo a rigorous reverification process. Numbers failing this verification will be disconnected, further disrupting criminal operations and making it more difficult for them to function.

A Stronger, Safer Digital Space: This unified approach by government agencies demonstrates a significant commitment to public safety. By tackling both the devices and the associated network, the initiative aims to dismantle the infrastructure used by cybercriminals. This collaboration will not only safeguard the integrity of India’s telecommunications infrastructure, but also create a more secure digital environment for all citizens.

What This Means for You: This crackdown is a positive step towards a safer digital space for everyone in India. With millions of potentially compromised phone numbers targeted, citizens can be more confident using online services and conducting financial transactions. It’s important to remain vigilant, however. Always be cautious of unsolicited calls and messages, and avoid clicking on suspicious links. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, report it immediately to the authorities.

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