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Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Tech Company Directors Arrested for Bitcoin Fraud Charges
Odisha’s Crime Branch Cyber Crime Unit apprehended Sumit Kumar Das, Amiya Ranjan Satpathy, and Sidharth Satpathy for running a cryptocurrency investment scam through PayInc and Fynpe. Victims were lured via WhatsApp and Telegram, depositing over Rs 54.75 lakh. National complaints against the accused highlight a rise in such fraudulent schemes.

Karnataka Retired Engineer Swindled of Rs 1.6 Crore by Cyber Fraudsters
Fraudsters in Mangaluru duped a retired engineer of Rs 1.6 crore by posing as international courier service employees. They claimed his package contained incriminating items, demanding “caution money” to avert an investigation. The victim paid, but the scam came to light when he confided in his daughter. The police are investigating the case.

Malappuram Police Seize 40,000 SIM Cards and 180 Phones in Cyber Fraud Bust
Malappuram Police’s Cyber Crime Unit seized 40,000 SIM cards, 180 phones, and biometric readers from Abdul Roshan, a key suspect in an online scam. He allegedly used them to orchestrate cyber fraud, collecting fingerprints to activate SIMs. Investigations suggest the involvement of multiple individuals nationwide.

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Arjun Bijlani Falls Victim to Cyber Fraud: Credit Card Compromised
Cyber frauds are on the rise globally, with TV celebrities like Arjun Bijlani falling victim. Bijlani’s credit card was hacked, prompting him to alert fans on social media. While the amount lost remains undisclosed, he urges caution and expresses confidence in cybercrime authorities to apprehend the culprits.

West Bengal Cyber Fraudsters Nabbed for Rs 44.45 Lakh Scam
Delhi Police’s Cyber Cell arrests two individuals from West Bengal involved in a complex fraud scheme worth Rs 44,45,436. Detected through 113 complaints on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, Rakesh Kumar Shaw and Rashid Khan were apprehended after a thorough technical and financial investigation, revealing over Rs 4 crore in fraudulent transactions.


AI and Online Gaming are among the Threats to Children
A DQ Institute study reveals 70% of children faced cyber threats in 2023. Kaspersky’s David Emm highlights the top online risks: children’s bank cards, smart home devices, AI exposure, online gaming, and trendy apps. Parents are urged to stay informed, monitor children’s online activities, and educate them on cybersecurity measures, including avoiding sharing personal information and clicking on random links.

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Israel’s Economy Suffers Billions in Losses Due to Cyber Attacks
Israel’s National Cyber Directorate reports an annual $3.3 billion economic loss from cyber attacks. Investing in basic protection measures could reduce attack risks by 30–50%. Analysis includes short-term response costs, direct financial losses, and medium-long-term impacts like reputation damage. The chief economist urges policy decisions and national investment in cybersecurity.

Biden Signs Blackburn’s Bipartisan Bill to Modernize Reporting of Cyber Crimes Against Children
President Biden signs the bipartisan REPORT Act, sponsored by Senators Blackburn and Ossoff, aiming to enhance reporting of online child exploitation by tech companies. The law mandates reporting of crimes against children, increases penalties for non-compliance, and extends the duration of evidence preservation, supported by various organizations for child protection.

UK Ministry of Defence Data Breach: Armed Forces’ Personal Details Accessed in Hack
The UK’s Ministry of Defence’s payroll system, containing personal details of armed forces members, is hacked. It includes names, bank details, and some addresses. The MoD has taken it offline, investigating the breach. Defense Secretary Grant Shapps will address Parliament amid concerns over rising cyber threats from hostile states and non-state actors.

Ascension St. Vincent Hospitals in Indiana Affected by National Cyberattack
Ascension St. Vincent hospitals in Indiana face a cyberattack affecting operations nationwide. Suspicious activity is detected, prompting immediate investigation and remediation efforts. Patient appointments continue unless notified otherwise. Hospital networks nationwide, including Community Health and IU Health, have faced similar breaches. Cyber attacks on hospitals have surged, making them prime targets.

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