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Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Department of Telecommunications Blocks Over 28,000 Handsets Due to Cyber Fraud
In a collaborative effort, India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Home Ministry, and state police are combating cyber fraud by blocking 28,200 mobile handsets nationwide. They’re also urging citizens to beware of fraudulent calls and WhatsApp scams, emphasizing the government’s commitment to safeguarding digital security under the Secure India project.

Noida Woman Doctor Swindled of Rs 45 Lakh in Cyber Fraud Scam
A Noida woman doctor lost Rs. 45 lakh to cyber fraudsters posing as Mumbai crime branch officers over a video call. They coerced her to transfer money under the guise of investigating a fake parcel containing drugs. Police registered a case under IPC sections and the IT Act, investigating the incident.

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Three Arrested in Gurugram for Involvement in ₹44 Lakh Cyber Fraud Scheme
Gurugram Cyber Police arrested three, including a bank employee, for a stock market cyber fraud. The employee facilitated bank accounts for cybercriminals. Devender Sharma, Imran, and Hasrat Ali alias Happy, from Jaipur, were apprehended. Investigation revealed Sharma’s role in opening a fraudulent account, while Ali sold it to cybercriminals. Interrogation ongoing.

Mira-Bhayandar Resident Apprehended in Online Task Fraud Investigation
Pimpri Chinchwad police arrest a 20-year-old from Mira-Bhayandar for online task fraud in Thane. Zaid Khan’s account received Rs 2.5 lakh from victims, with Rs 18 lakh withdrawn in Dubai. He’s linked to similar cases in other states. Khan, unemployed, used friends’ accounts for transfers. Further investigations underway by Sangvi police.

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Advocates Call for Specialized Agency to Combat Escalating Cybercrime Cases
Reported cybercrime cases in Lucknow rose from 852 in 2019 to 1,273 in 2023. Despite limited resources, cyber police struggle against sophisticated criminals operating remotely, often from abroad. Middle Eastern operators run click farm scams, shifting funds to bitcoins for untraceability. Experts advocate for national-level cooperation and a dedicated cybercrime agency like the NIA.


Increasing School cyberattacks result in Pupils Missing Classes
Schools in UK face increasing cyber attacks, with incidents rising by 55% in 2023. Attacks lead to disruptions, including cancelled lessons and lunchtime chaos. Ransomware attacks, up by 170%, threaten sensitive data. Schools struggle with limited resources and budgets for cybersecurity. Experts call for more openness and preparation to mitigate risks effectively.

Ascension IT Systems Hit by Black Basta Ransomware Attack, Report Reveals
Ascension health system’s clinical operations disrupted by Black Basta ransomware, linked to Russian cyber group. Health-ISAC warns of heightened attacks on healthcare. HHS notes group’s double extortion tactics. Black Basta potentially connected to Conti. Group amassed over $100 million in two years. Ascension’s EHR system affected, elective procedures paused. Investigation ongoing.

Victims Urged to Report Cyber Attacks, says ICO
UK’s ICO reports over 3,000 breaches in 2023, with financial services, retail, and education sectors hit the hardest. Learning from mistakes report highlights common security failings, including phishing, brute force attacks, and user errors. ICO urges transparency to prevent similar breaches, emphasizes foundational cyber controls, and NCSC offers support for cyber resilience.

IMF Supports CBN’s Stringent Monetary policy and urges strong Measures
IMF endorses Central Bank of Nigeria’s monetary policies, advises caution on CBN Act amendment. Senate supports cybersecurity levy, while House demands its halt. NESG criticizes timing, NEF rejects levy, and Falana faults CBN’s directive. IMF recommends well-sequenced reforms, strengthening central bank independence, and close monitoring of financial risks.

Community Support: Great Barrington Businesses Aid Store Owners Affected by Cyber Fraud
Small business owners Molly and Aurélien de St. Andre fell victim to a $40,000 social-engineering fraud while ordering fabric for their children’s clothing store. Unable to recover the money, they faced closure. Community members rallied, raising $6,447 through a GoFundMe campaign led by Joshua Irwin, showing solidarity in Great Barrington’s business community.

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