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Bombay High Court Cracks Whip on DCP: Asks for WhatsApp Message Details in Police Bribery Allegations



The Bombay High Court has directed the Mumbai DCP, Zone 2, to collect call records and WhatsApp communications from the phone of a man accused in a fraud case. This move comes after allegations that the investigating officer demanded a bribe from the accused’s family using his phone.

Grant of Interim Bail
A division bench, including Justice Revati Mohite Dere and Justice Manjusha Deshpande, granted interim bail to the Ahmedabad resident, acknowledging the gravity of the accusations against the police officers. The court expressed concerns over potential legal violations by the police, including claims of custodial torture, necessitating a thorough investigation.

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Questionable Arrest and Demand for Justice
The accused contested the legality of his arrest, claiming the police failed to follow necessary legal procedures, such as issuing a pre-arrest notice as mandated for crimes with less than seven years of imprisonment. Advocates for the accused argued that his arrest and the subsequent demand for a bribe were unlawful, highlighting the absence of an arrest memo and the lack of formal arrest grounds communicated to the accused or his family.

Court’s Orders and Future Actions
The court has called for the prosecution’s response to the accused’s challenges against his arrest and custody. It set a deadline of May 3, 2024, for this response. Meanwhile, the court ordered a detailed inquiry into the phone records to ascertain the truth behind the bribe demands, granting the accused six weeks of interim bail against a cash deposit, pending further investigation.

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