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Supriya Shrinate Grills National Testing Agency (NTA) Over NEET Results Controversy

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate and popular influencer Randomsena have raised serious questions about the NEET 2024 results, highlighting alleged discrepancies and demanding answers from the government and the National Testing Agency (NTA).



Supriya Shrinate

The announcement of NEET 2024 results has ignited a storm of controversy, with allegations of misconduct and irregularities in the examination process. Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate took to X (Twitter) to voice her concerns, pointing out several anomalies in the results.

In her tweet, Shrinate highlighted that for the first time, 67 students scored a perfect 720 out of 720 marks, with eight of these students hailing from the same examination center. She noted that this was unprecedented, as previously, only four students had ever achieved a perfect score.

Shrinate raised questions about the sudden release of the results on June 4, ten days ahead of the scheduled date of June 14, which coincided with the announcement of Lok Sabha election results. She suggested that this timing was suspicious and demanded an explanation from the National Testing Agency (NTA), which conducts the NEET examination.

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Moreover, Shrinate pointed out that the application window for the exam was reopened on April 9 and 10, just 24 days before the examination date of May 5. This raised further questions about the number of students who filled out the forms during this period and how many of them were from the same center that produced the perfect scores.

The Congress spokesperson called for the roll numbers of the top-scoring students to be made public, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability. She underscored the gravity of the situation, stating that the future of millions of young aspirants was at stake and that the government owed them answers.

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Adding to the outcry, popular influencer Randomsena also took to Twitter to address the issue, tagging the Education Minister and other government officials. Randomsena’s tweet questioned how multiple candidates from the same center in Haryana managed to score perfect marks, with their roll numbers appearing in sequence. He highlighted the inconsistencies in the marking scheme, suggesting that the high scores were improbable under normal circumstances.

Randomsena further alleged that brokers charged hefty sums, ranging from Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh, to provide candidates with question papers in advance. He called for an immediate recheck or cancellation of the NEET examination, urging the NTA to take swift action to restore the integrity of the examination process.

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