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MP High Court Hints at Corruption Within CBI, Orders Reinvestigation of 169 Nursing Colleges

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has directed the CBI to reinvestigate 169 nursing colleges previously cleared by the agency, following bribery allegations against CBI officials.



MP High Court

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh High Court has ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to reinvestigate 169 nursing colleges that were previously given a clean chit by the agency. The High Court’s decision comes amid allegations that some CBI officials accepted bribes from the colleges to issue favorable reports.

A bench of justices Sanjay Dwivedi and Achal Kumar Paliwal directed the CBI to complete the reinvestigation within three months. The court also mandated the inclusion of a judicial officer in the CBI team and recommended videography during the investigation to ensure transparency.

In January, the CBI reported to the court that it found 169 colleges fit for operation, while 73 colleges lacked necessary infrastructure and 66 were unsuitable. However, the court ordered a fresh probe after petitioners claimed that some CBI officials were caught taking bribes from the colleges.

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The CBI has arrested 13 individuals, including four of its officers, involved in the bribery scandal. The officers were allegedly part of a cartel that collected bribes from the colleges in exchange for favorable inspection reports.

The court emphasized that the previous CBI report is now under suspicion due to these bribery allegations. It ordered that the CBI’s reinvestigation be accompanied by the Registrar of the District Court of the respective districts, with permission from the Principal District Judge.

The court stated, “After mulling over the unfortunate phenomena of greasing the palms of some of the CBI officials by some of the colleges, essentially the earlier report of CBI has come under the clouds of suspicion and such report, in the existing situation, cannot be green-signaled.”

To ensure accountability, the court also directed that the reinvestigation process include videography, which can be reviewed if necessary to verify the integrity of the new reports.

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The Madhya Pradesh High Court’s order reflects its commitment to addressing corruption and ensuring that the investigation into the nursing colleges is conducted with utmost integrity and transparency.

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