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Zero Tolerance On Drugs Misuse, Dirty Money Erodes Economy Over Time: Amit Shah



Zero Tolerance On Drugs Misuse, Dirty Money Erodes Economy Over Time: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, said on Wednesday that he has asked the home ministers of all the states to look into the source of drug seizures and not just the seizures themselves. In response to a debate on drug misuse in the Lok Sabha, Shah stated that if the investigation extends beyond the country’s boundaries, the states can request assistance from the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Our government maintains a zero-tolerance stance toward drug use. Those nations that promote terrorism in our country use drug profits for the same purpose. “The presence of this dirty money also erodes our economy over time,” added Shah.

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“All states and UTs must combat the drug problem collectively,” Shah stated, adding, “We must prevent the introduction of drugs through borders, ports, and airports. Revenue department, NCB, and anti-drug organisations must be on the same page to combat this threat.”

“Our government policy is crystal clear: drug users are victims. We must be attentive to their plight and provide an environment conducive to their rehabilitation. But drug traffickers should not be spared,” Shah stated in the Lok Sabha.

Members of the Lok Sabha, participating in a brief discussion on the drug addiction problem in India, advocated stronger action to combat the escalating threat of drug abuse.

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Sougata Roy, a member of the TMC, inquired as to whether the government is considering the death penalty for drug possession and what the government is doing in response to the fact that all drug transactions occur via the dark web or crypto money.

P Ravindranath, a member of the AIADMK, asked the government to mandate that schools teach children about the negative effects of drugs.

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