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Optimists are those great individuals who sell dreams or goals which are not achievable or they don’t intend to achieve or worst it is just frivolous talk. Even the most serious of the optimists have no blueprint of the projects and plans they keep talking about endlessly. At times they believed being a hollow optimist is the done thing. If you have nothing else to offer and still remain afloat, this is the best way to go about. You will remain relevant without being relevant. The difference between the doer and talker can be best amplified by this person. The best deliverers in this world are called practitioner performers and never ever half dreamy, glib talking optimists.

Another conspicuous trait of the diehard optimist is that he would never like to be criticised. He paints a critic as a villain. The harsh reality is that he can’t handle even the most noble of the critics. The best of the movies and books go through the harsh yet objective lens of the critics. If it does clear their eagle eyes, it is matter of immense satisfaction for the Director or the Author. A true critic leaves the product, process or the human being threadbare, showing the mirror to you. It is done without fear or favour, he or she is an unconnected person. Unlike the auditor who has a mandated task but is paid by the same person who has requisitioned for an audit. The audit reports are then a true reflection of conflict of interest.

Ideally, the Audit Report is both a report card and also a blueprint for change. It believes in the innate optimism of the enterprise / system and its immense capability to bring about positive change. A critic fulfils the same task. Not being as regimented as an Auditor, he is a true optimist. He wants real, positive and pro-active change to happen. Just because he cannot make it happen can in no way be used to belittle his existence. He has a role to play and he playing it. It is our quality of optimism which can make or mar us. How we define an optimist and how much we can digest? Risen above sycophancy and expectancy of benefit, the critic is a diehard optimist.

This great professional presumably without vested interest is the natural pathfinder in all areas of human existence; economy, development, society, polity, art and literature. Blessed are the communities, societies and the nations who have been successful in creating an ecosystem which creates and nurtures them, a true fruition of a culture; democratic and of positive dissent. Do keep taking incremental watersheds in our stride rather than facing a debacle when you are just not prepared for it. The other facet is even more fascinating, whosoever reflects the reality in whatever medium is a critic. This has been the history of the world, from Noam Chomsky to Yuval Noah Harari are all critics. The world owes to learn from them, for the benefit of mankind.

Sanjay Sahay

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