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Darknet Drug Dominance Dismantled: NCB Busts 2 International Cartels, Seizes Record LSD Cache



Darknet Drug Dominance Dismantled: NCB Busts 2 International Cartels, Seizes Record LSD Cache

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has successfully dismantled two international drug cartels operating through the darknet, leading to the arrest of 22 individuals. The operation resulted in the seizure of a massive cache of 29,103 blots of the highly potent hallucinogenic drug LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) over the last three months.

This remarkable achievement was met with praise from Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who commended the NCB’s relentless efforts in combatting drug-related activities.

Cracking the Cartels: NCB’s Major Success

The NCB’s Delhi zonal unit executed a meticulously planned operation that resulted in the dismantling of two major Indian LSD cartels operating on the darknet.

The larger of the two cartels, known as ‘The ZAMBADA CARTEL,’ had established a strong presence on the darknet, utilizing social media platforms for communication and employing couriers to deliver drugs to fabricated addresses using false mobile numbers. The modus operandi included exclusively utilizing cryptocurrencies for payments and transactions, avoiding any form of verbal communication that could potentially expose their activities.

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Swift Action and Record Seizures

After an extensive period of cyber patrolling, technical analysis, and field surveillance, the NCB launched a decisive operation on April 19, 2023. This operation yielded remarkable results as it led to the dismantling of the second-largest darknet LSD cartel in the country. The operation resulted in the seizure of over 15,000 blots of LSD, an astonishing 2500 times more than the commercial quantity, along with 44 grams of MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and the freezing of drug money totaling Rs. 24.65 lakhs.

In total, the NCB has registered six cases under the leadership of the Delhi Zonal Unit, leading to the arrest of 22 individuals directly involved in the import and pan-India distribution of drugs. Alongside the unprecedented LSD seizure, authorities also confiscated 472 grams of MDMA powder and drug money amounting to Rs. 51.38 lakhs from the accused.

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Praising the Achievement and the Path Forward

Union Home Minister Amit Shah took to social media to express his congratulations to the NCB for this monumental success. In a tweet, Shri Shah emphasized the importance of this achievement in aligning with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of a Drug-Free India. He lauded the dedication and effectiveness of the law enforcement agencies in bringing drug traffickers to justice, reaffirming that no matter the technological sophistication employed by criminals, they would inevitably be apprehended by the vigilant agencies.

Championing Innovation: NCB’s DARKATHON

Recognizing the urgent need to counter the misuse of digital platforms for drug trafficking, the NCB recently organized a unique initiative called ‘DARKATHON.’ This event aimed to encourage creative minds to develop innovative solutions to counter the challenges posed by the darknet. Through this initiative, the NCB is actively fostering a culture of innovation to stay one step ahead of those who seek to exploit the digital realm for illegal activities.

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The successful crackdown on these international drug cartels marks a significant step forward in the fight against the narcotics trade. With the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies, coupled with innovative approaches such as DARKATHON, India continues to make strides towards a drug-free future.

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