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After Revolt in Cambodian Scam Compounds, MHA and MEA Swing into Action: Here’s How They’re Fighting Back

– Following a protest in a Cambodian scam compound, MHA and MEA mobilize swiftly, 60 rescued.
– India forms high-level committee to counter rising cybercrime from Southeast Asia.



Mass Rescue Operation: Indian Embassy Reclaims Citizens from Cambodian Fraud

NEW DELHI: In a proactive measure to safeguard against the escalating threat of cybercrime targeting India from Southeast Asia, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has announced the formation of a high-level inter-ministerial committee. Chaired by the Special Secretary (Internal Security), this committee will collaborate with relevant ministries and departments to implement robust measures aimed at mitigating cyber threats effectively.

The decision to establish this committee follows a series of concerning events, including a protest on the night of May 20, 2024, at a suspected scam compound in Sihanouk city, Cambodia. Indian nationals employed in the compound were involved, prompting the Embassy of India in Phnom Penh to take immediate measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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Cybercrime operations originating from Southeast Asian countries have been employing a diverse range of deceptive strategies. These include leveraging social media platforms to lure Indian youths with fraudulent job offers, leading them to engage in various cyber scams. Common scams reported include investment frauds, trading scams, digital arrest schemes, matrimony scams, and dating scams. The perpetrators often use Indian SIM cards and sophisticated financial channels, such as Indian bank accounts and cryptocurrency transactions, to launder illicit gains.

To address these challenges, the Ministry of Home Affairs launched the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C) under the Cyber & Information Security (CIS) Division. The I4C is dedicated to combating cybercrime in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, focusing on enhancing coordination between law enforcement agencies and stakeholders.

Action by Vizag Police Gave Hope to Trapped Youths

Data analysis from the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP) of I4C reveals a significant uptick in cybercrime incidents targeting India originating from Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos PDR. In response, law enforcement agencies have taken action, such as the Visakhapatnam Cyber Crime Police conducting an operation in May 2024 against illegal recruiting agents operating in Andhra Pradesh. This operation led to the discovery of a human trafficking racket, with three local agents arrested for deceiving Indian youth with promises of employment in Cambodia.

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Data analysis from the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP) of I4C reveals a significant uptick in cybercrime incidents targeting India originating from Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos PDR.

Data analysis from the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP) of I4C reveals a significant uptick in cybercrime incidents targeting India originating from Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos PDR.

Moreover, I4C is actively engaged in collaborative efforts with social media intermediaries like Google, Microsoft, and Meta, as well as central, state, and union territory law enforcement agencies to tackle cybercrime threats from the Southeast Asian region. Additionally, I4C has established a facility for quick reporting of cybercrime attempts and conducts awareness campaigns through its Cyber Dost handle on social media.

Furthermore, I4C is diligently monitoring and blocking cybercrime infrastructure, including Skype accounts, Google advertisements, Meta advertisements, SMS headers, SIM cards, and bank accounts. Notable achievements include freezing over 3.25 lakh mule accounts, blocking thousands of URLs and apps under Section 69A of the IT Act, and suspending over 5.3 lakh SIM cards and revoking over 80,000 IMEI numbers since July 2023.

In collaboration with regulatory bodies, financial institutions, and technology companies, I4C continues to work towards creating a resilient ecosystem to prevent cybercrimes from originating from any geography. By leveraging these efforts and partnerships, India aims to strengthen its cyber defenses and ensure the safety and security of its citizens in the digital realm.

Stay Vigilant Online: Tips to Protect Yourself from Cybercrime

In the wake of the alarming rise in cybercrimes originating from Southeast Asia, authorities urge citizens to exercise utmost caution online. Here are some crucial tips to safeguard yourself from falling victim to similar malicious activities:

1. Beware of Tempting Online Advertisements: Exercise caution when encountering flashy social media posts or pop-up ads promising unrealistic returns on investments. These are often tactics used by cybercriminals to lure unsuspecting victims.

2. Scrutinize Claims of High Returns: If an investment app or platform touts exceptionally high returns, treat it as a major red flag. Legitimate investment opportunities typically offer moderate, sustainable growth.

3. Verify Account Details Meticulously: Before transferring any money, always double-check and cross-verify the account information provided. A small mistake can result in significant financial loss.

4. Avoid Financial Transactions with Strangers: Never engage in financial transactions with individuals you do not know personally or whose credentials you have not thoroughly verified.

5. Exercise Caution on Dating Apps: While using dating apps, do not get carried away by emotional appeals. Confirm the other person’s identity before making any financial commitments.

6. Report Cybercrime Promptly: If you suspect that you have fallen victim to cybercrime, report it immediately. Contact the National Cyber Crime Helpline at 1930 or visit the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal at to register your complaint.

For Indian nationals currently in Cambodia who require assistance or guidance, the Embassy stands ready to provide support. Contact the Embassy through the following channels:

Emergency Contact No.: +855 92881676 Email: / Temporary Control Room: +855 10642777 (Operational May 21-23, 2024)

The Embassy continues to closely monitor the situation and remains committed to aiding Indian nationals in distress.


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