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From China to Agra: 27 Illegal Cricket Betting Sites Shut Down in Major Operation, Full Detail Inside



27 Illegal Cricket Betting Sites Shut Down in Major Operation

AGRA: The Cyber Cell in Agra has taken proactive action against copyright violation, illegal online gambling and betting activities. A total of 27 illegal websites involved in betting and online gaming have been blocked, safeguarding approximately 15 lakhs of Indians from potential fraud and saving an estimated Rs 38 thousand crores from being transferred to foreign shores, primarily China.

Unveiling the Operation

Agra Police, initiated an investigation following a complaint filed by Hotstar India Company regarding the unauthorized copying of live content, live games, third-party apps, and more. These infringements were made possible through the download and dissemination of the content through various web portals and foreign servers, including those in China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Russia.

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Uncovering the Extent of Fraud

The investigation exposed a vast network of fraud, with millions of rupees being funnelled through rented bank accounts and virtual payment accounts (VPAs). Criminals were able to deposit subscription amounts ranging from Rs 300-500 into these accounts associated with the illicit firm Ekbet.

Along with Sri Lankan Police, the Cyber Cell in Agra is working diligently to ensure the upcoming matches during the World Cup 2023 are conducted without the shadow of online fraud looming over them.

Dismantling the Criminal Network

As a part of the operation, 27 illegal gambling websites operating from foreign locations were blocked, preventing Indians from falling prey to fraudulent activities. The police closed down over 7000 Mule Bank accounts and 19000+ VPAs involved in facilitating the operations of these gaming websites across India.

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Smart Policing at Work

In a demonstration of efficient law enforcement, the Agra Police have taken significant steps against online betting and gaming fraud. Here are the key statistics of the operation:

Total accounts blocked or put on hold: 6000+

Total VPAs blocked: 18000+

Amount held : 4.2 Cr+ (settled outside India through crypto and others)

Average transaction in each account: 25 lakh to 27 crore

Daily usage across all accounts: Between 4 crore to 80 crore

Total credit/debit amounts: 1600 crore+

The Blocked Websites and Apps

The proactive operation led to the blocking of several gambling websites and apps, curtailing the avenues for fraudulent activities. Some of the blocked websites and apps include:

App Name Website URL
Als Dfbocai – Sports
Ekbet App
BC Game
Bxawscf Binkaur – Sports
Ekbet Mobile
4rabet247 Mobile
Bxawscf Binkaur – Sports
Ekbet – Mobile
Goawin Mobile

The successful crackdown on illegal betting and gaming websites underscores the commitment of law enforcement to protect Indian citizens from financial fraud and uphold the integrity of online platforms. This operation sets an example of smart policing, leveraging technology and collaboration to maintain a secure and fair digital landscape.

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