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“Mumma Save Me!” – AI Voice Cloning Scam Targets Mom’s Worst Fear

A mom’s nightmare! Scammer uses creepy voice cloning to impersonate daughter. Find out how she stayed calm & exposed the trick.



"Mumma Save Me!" - AI Voice Cloning Scam Targets Mom's Worst Fear

A mother’s awareness and quick thinking have brought attention to the growing threat of phone scams that misuse voice cloning technology. The woman, Kaveri, took to social media platform X to share her harrowing experience, where scammers attempted to exploit her love for her daughter.

Kaveri’s story began with a seemingly innocuous call from an unknown number.  Though she usually wouldn’t answer, a feeling she couldn’t explain compelled her to pick up. The caller, posing as a police officer, claimed her daughter, “K,” had been arrested. Relief washed over Kaveri initially, fearing a possible accident or injury. However, the situation swiftly took a turn for the worse.

The scammer fabricated a story about K’s involvement in a blackmail scheme, along with other women. This, coupled with the individual’s authoritative tone, could have easily tricked someone unaware of such scams.

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Fortunately, Kaveri had heard about “voice cloning scams” and became suspicious. Her suspicions materialized when the scammer played a recording that sounded eerily identical to her daughter’s voice, pleading for help. This tactic, designed to heighten panic and cloud judgment, failed to faze Kaveri.

Instead of succumbing to pressure, Kaveri remained composed and requested a direct conversation with her daughter. This simple request, a standard procedure in legitimate situations, exposed the scammer’s ploy.

Faced with a logical demand, the scammer became flustered and resorted to anger.  Kaveri’s unwavering response – laughter and defiance (“Ok, take her away then”) – ultimately led to the scammer disconnecting the call.

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Kaveri’s story, shared on X, has got huge attention. It serves as a chilling reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of phone scams. Scammers are constantly developing new methods to exploit emotions and manipulate victims.

The report also mentions another user on X who shared a similar experience with a pre-recorded message impersonating a delivery company.

This reinforces the prevalence of such tactics and underscores the need for public awareness. By sharing her story, Kaveri has not only protected herself but also empowered others to remain vigilant and identify red flags in potential scams.


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