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Bengaluru Lawyer’s Skype Call Nightmare: Stripped for a Fake FedEx Narcotics Test!

Bengaluru lawyer scammed into a degrading Skype call under the guise of a FedEx narcotics test, losing over Rs 14 lakh.



FedEx Courier Fraud Strikes Bengaluru: Residents Warned of Impersonation Scam Tactics

A lawyer from Bengaluru became the victim of a new type of scam using the FedEx name. This scam involved a fake narcotics test where the victim was forced to strip during a Skype video call. The incident, which took a severe toll on the victim, shows a new way scammers are using to frighten and cheat people.

The trouble started on April 3, when the lawyer got a call. The caller lied about a package sent to Thailand under her name with illegal drugs inside. Then, on April 5, during a Skype call that lasted 36 hours, the scammers made up stories about her being involved in serious crimes like money laundering and human trafficking.

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They scared her into giving them Rs 10.7 lakh and also took around Rs 4 lakh using her credit card. The worst part was when they made her strip on camera, claiming it was needed for a drug test, and threatened her life and her family’s safety if she didn’t comply.

The police are now looking into this, filing a case under the Information Technology Act. These FedEx scams aren’t new, but the methods these criminals use are getting more dangerous. They usually tell victims there’s a package with illegal items in their name to scam them.

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FedEx has stated they never ask for personal info through phone calls or emails unless the customer asks for it. They advise anyone who gets suspicious calls or messages to tell the police right away. This incident is a reminder for everyone to be careful and report any strange or threatening calls immediately.


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