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Chennai Marketing Professional Exposes Misuse Of Aadhaar In Drug Parcel Scam

Chennai marketer reveals Aadhaar-linked drug parcel scam, highlighting a surge in cyber frauds.



FedEx Courier Fraud Strikes Bengaluru: Residents Warned of Impersonation Scam Tactics

CHENNAI:  A marketing professional in Chennai has come forward to warn others about a sophisticated phone scam targeting Aadhaar cardholders by misusing the name of FedEx. Lavanya Mohan’s experience highlights the growing concern of cybercriminals using increasingly detailed tactics to extort money.

Mohan’s ordeal follows recent reports of similar scams in Gurugram, where two residents lost nearly ₹ 2 crore after fraudsters convinced them their Aadhaar cards were linked to illegal drug shipments to Thailand.

The scammer, posing as a FedEx customer service representative, contacted Mohan and claimed a package containing drugs was shipped internationally using her Aadhaar information. To add legitimacy, the caller provided fake package details, a fabricated FIR number, and even a phoney employee ID.

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Mohan recounted the red flags in her social media posts: “The scammer threatened that if I didn’t cooperate, my Aadhaar would be misused further. He then offered to connect me with a ‘cyber crime branch’ official – a classic urgency tactic used in scams.”

The caller’s attempt to exploit fear and urgency by mentioning rising scams and offering immediate assistance with contacting the police is a common element in such frauds.

Mohan emphasizes the unlikelihood of a legitimate delivery service contacting customers about such serious issues. She advises that authorities would likely visit individuals in person for matters involving Aadhaar misuse.

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“I simply told the scammer I’d wait for the police to contact me directly and ended the call,” she stated.

Criminals are employing increasingly elaborate tactics, and it’s crucial to be aware of the warning signs:

  • Threatening Calls: Legitimate authorities wouldn’t threaten legal repercussions over the phone.
  • Urgency Tactics: Scammers often pressure victims into immediate action to cloud their judgment.
  • Offers of Fake Assistance: Officials wouldn’t ask for personal financial information or connect you to third-party “authorities” over the phone.

Tips To Stay Safe From FedEx Scam

Exercise Caution with Friend Requests: Avoid accepting friend requests from unknown individuals on social media platforms.

Beware of Unsolicited Offers: Do not trust promises of gifts or parcels from unfamiliar numbers or contacts.

Stay Calm During Calls: If receiving a call from someone claiming to represent FedEx, a courier service, or an airport, stay composed and do not be pressured into hasty decisions.

Verify Suspicious Claims: If informed of a parcel seizure or legal issue, take steps to verify the claims before taking any action.

Avoid Sending Money for Legal Assistance: Do not make payments in the name of legal assistance without proper verification from legitimate sources.

Safeguard Personal Information: Refrain from sharing personal identification documents with unknown individuals on social media or messaging platforms.

Report Suspicious Activity: Immediately contact the police if you receive threatening or suspicious calls attempting to coerce you into illegal activities.

For any cyber crime complaints, individuals are urged to use the NCRP Portal (, and for financial fraud complaints, the helpline number 1930 is available. If you receive a suspicious call regarding your Aadhaar card, end the communication and report it to the authorities directly. Remember, legitimate authorities will prioritize in-person communication for critical matters.

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