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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [04.05.2024]: Click to know Details



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Madhya Pradesh Records 1,167 Cyber Fraud Complaints in Q1 2024, Losses Total Rs 6.49 Crore by April
Bhopal’s cybercrime cell reveals alarming statistics: 1,167 cyber fraud complaints in Q1 2024, totaling Rs 6.49 crore losses. Task frauds dominate, with victims losing nearly ₹2 crore. Despite advisories, fraud persists. Only Rs 55 lakh was recovered from Rs 16 crore lost in 2023 due to low awareness and delayed reporting.

Victim Swindled of Rs 3L in Cyber Fraud Incident
A 28-year-old Gurugram resident fell victim to a cybercrime, losing Rs 3 lakh to a scam where the perpetrator impersonated a senior IPS officer using AI. The victim was coerced into a four-hour video call, falsely accused of money laundering, and instructed not to contact anyone, later reporting the fraud to authorities.


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Jammu and Kashmir Cyber Police Thwarts Online Financial Fraud Attempt
The Cyber Cell of Jammu and Kashmir Police in Jammu district thwarted an online financial fraud of Rs 1,78,200, freezing the entire sum to prevent further loss. Their swift action highlights their effectiveness in combating cybercrime and ensuring citizens’ financial security in the digital era.


Bengaluru Techie Exposes New Money-Swiping Scam by Cyber Criminals
Despite increased security measures, internet fraud is rising, especially in finance. Aditi, a Bengaluru techie, narrowly avoided falling victim to a new scam. A fraudulent caller manipulated her with fake SMS alerts, attempting to swindle money. Aditi’s vigilance prevented the financial fraud from succeeding.

Understanding the Golden Hour: Timeframe for Cyber Fraud Victims to Recover Lost Funds
The “golden hour” after a cyber fraud is crucial. Victims must call 1930 immediately. Within this time frame, up to 24 hours, police can recover 90–100% of lost funds. Prompt action prevents scammers from moving money. Cooperation with banks aids in blocking fraudulent accounts and safeguarding victims’ wealth.


Teen Cyber-Thug Blackmails 33,000 Therapy Patients: From Teenage Delinquency to Serious Crime
Tiina, relaxing after a sauna, received an email from an anonymous sender with her private therapy details. Threatened with online exposure if she didn’t pay ransom, she realized 33,000 therapy patients were targeted. Investigations led to a notorious teenage cyber-thug, Zeekill, known for previous high-profile attacks.

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Binance Collaborates with Dutch Authorities to Uncover $30 million Fraud Scheme
Dutch authorities, with Binance’s assistance, seized 11.4 million euros in assets and arrested a suspect in an online fraud case linked to ZKasino. Binance’s collaboration helped recover millions globally. Earlier, Binance aided Thai authorities in dismantling crypto scams, resulting in arrests and the seizure of assets worth millions.

Oscilar and Fingerprint Forge Partnership to Enhance Cybersecurity Solutions
Fingerprint and Oscilar have teamed up to provide fintech companies with fraud prevention tools and seamless customer experiences. Fingerprint offers highly accurate device intelligence, while Oscillar’s no-code, AI-powered platform allows for quick deployment of risk models, reducing reliance on engineering resources and improving fraud detection and risk operations.

Germany Accuses Russia of Cyberattack on the government party: Escalating Cyber Tensions
Germany accuses Russia’s GRU of orchestrating a 2023 cyberattack targeting the Social Democrats. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock attributes the attack to APT28, aka Fancy Bear, controlled by the GRU. Germany vows consequences and summons the Russian envoy. Australia expresses solidarity with Germany against cyber aggression.

US Companies are prime targets for Cyberattacks, Says Intelligence Chief to Senate
Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines reported to Congress a surge in global cyberattacks, notably ransomware incidents, rising by 74% in 2023. The US healthcare sector faced a doubling of attacks. Haines stressed preventive measures, including securing critical infrastructure against state-sponsored threats, following recent cyber breaches in major companies.

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