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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by Future Crime Researchers [01.05.2024]: Cyber scam of Rs.52 Lakhs, UP Cyber Police Stations, EFCC, Hong Kong, CCIA, London on Cyber Crime and more



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Fraudster Apprehended for Scamming Ghansoli Resident out of Rs 52 Lakhs
A 20-year-old cyber fraudster, Mustaq Khan, arrested for scamming a Ghansoli resident of Rs 52 lakh. Khan offered prepaid hotel booking tasks, promising high returns. The victim invested Rs 52.87 lakh but couldn’t withdraw. Khan transferred funds to Dubai via cryptocurrency. Cyber police froze Rs 18 lakh, tracked Khan’s location, and arrested him.

India Reports 79 Million Cyber Attacks in 2023, Ranks Third Worldwide: Report
India ranks third globally for phishing attacks, with its tech sector facing 33% of strikes. Finance and insurance are prime targets, with a 393% increase in attacks. AI adoption makes these sectors lucrative targets. India saw over 79 million phishing attacks, prompting government actions like the Digital Personal Data Protection Act.

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India and US Authorities Collaborate to Uncover $36 Million Cyber Fraud in Uttarakhand
India’s Enforcement Directorate collaborated with US authorities to investigate a Rs 3,000 crore ($36 million) digital currency scam in Uttarakhand. The joint operation also resulted in the arrest of suspects linked to an international drug trafficking network. Parvinder Singh and Banmeet Singh were apprehended in Haldwani.

Uttar Pradesh to Set Up Cyber Police Stations in 57 Districts
Uttar Pradesh will establish cyber police stations in 57 districts, each with 25 officer and employee positions. The state government plans to create a total of 1,425 posts across these stations in response to increasing cybercrime incidents, aiming to cover all 75 districts eventually.

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Pune Police Alerts Public to Surge in Cyber Fraud through IVR Calls
Pune police warn of rising IVR scam calls, which deceive victims into disclosing personal information and transferring money. Recent cases involve government and military officials. Scammers pose as reputable organizations, making threats like service disconnection. DoT issued an advisory, urging caution. Police advise vigilance and immediate reporting of suspicious activity.


EFCC Apprehends 13 Suspects for Internet Fraud in Abuja
EFCC apprehends 13 suspects in Abuja for alleged internet fraud. The arrests took place in the Kubwa area following actionable intelligence. Items seized include 12 phones and laptops. The suspects, consisting of 12 males and one female, will face charges pending the conclusion of investigations.

Hong Kong Court Reverses Convictions of Broker and Three Executives in Alleged Convoy Fraud Scheme Involving HK$51 Million
Hong Kong appellate court overturns fraud convictions of three Convoy Financial executives and a broker in a HK$51 million scheme. The ruling marks a setback in white-collar crime crackdowns, leaving a major fraud investigation unresolved. Convoy, a key player in the Enigma Network, faced regulatory scrutiny and delisting in 2021.

Insights from TD Fraud Fighters: Essential Financial Tips for New Immigrants
In Newburgh, NY, TD Store manager LaTanya Bryant aids immigrants aware of the fraud they face. She partners with nonprofits to provide financial education. Suraj Rai, now on TD’s Fraud Risk Management team, warns newcomers about scams, having been targeted himself upon arriving in Canada. Vigilance is crucial for new immigrants.

London Drugs Falls Victim to Cybercrime, Signaling a Continuing Threat
London Drugs faces cyberattack, joining a trend of retail cybercrime. Experts warn of growing threats, citing a 35% rise in alerts in 2023. Ransomware attacks, like that on Indigo, disrupt operations. With digitization, securing retail operations becomes complex. London Drugs is likely to remain closed until confident in security measures.

CCIA Issues Report on “Threats and Sabotage to Global Cyberspace Security and Development
China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance (CCIA) compiles the report “US Threats and Sabotage to the Security and Development of Global Cyberspace,” exposing US cyber hegemony. The report details US actions undermining cyberspace security and development, including surveillance, espionage, and disruption of global supply chains, aiming to maintain global peace and stability.

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