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The420 Cyber Crime Update: CERT-In Warns Apple Device Owners, High-Profile Cyber Attacks, Sophisticated Frauds and Critical Vulnerabilities & Much More



The420 Daily Cyber Security Alert: Protecting Yourself from the Latest Scams

CERT-In Warns: Millions of iPhones, iPads Vulnerable to Attacks – Update Now!

  1. High Severity Warning Issued by CERT-In: The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a high severity warning for vulnerabilities in Apple iOS and iPadOS devices, announced on March 15.
  2. Multiple Vulnerabilities Identified: These vulnerabilities could allow attackers to cause denial of service, execute arbitrary code, access sensitive information, and bypass security measures.
  3. Affected Devices and OS Versions: Impacted devices include iPhone 8 and newer models, various iPad generations, and requires iOS and iPadOS versions earlier than 16.7.6 or versions before v17.4 for later devices.
  4. Potential Risks of Exploitation: Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could lead to system failures, unauthorized code execution, access to private information, and security bypass.
  5. Recommended Protection Measures: Users are advised to update software, install security patches, use secure connections, enable Two-Factor Authentication, be cautious with downloads, regularly back up data, and stay informed on security advisories.


Retired Colonel Loses Rs 2.28 Crore in Sophisticated Stock Market Scam

  1. Retired Colonel Defrauded: A 72-year-old retired Colonel, Tejinder Singh, was scammed out of Rs 2.28 crore after being enticed to invest in the stock market through a deceptive link received on WhatsApp.
  2. Initial Contact via WhatsApp: Singh was lured into the scam after clicking on a link to the ‘F33 Fidelity Stock Pulls Group,’ where he was persuaded to invest in the stock market.
  3. Deceptive Investment Scheme: Upon showing interest, Singh was instructed to download a mobile application and subsequently transferred Rs 2.28 crore under the pretense of buying company stocks.
  4. Further Financial Demands: After making the initial investment, Singh was contacted by another scammer demanding an additional Rs 60 lakh to unlock supposed profits of Rs 7.86 crore, which he refused.
  5. Cyber Cell Case Registration: Following the scam, a case was registered by the cyber cell to investigate the fraudulent scheme that led to Singh’s substantial financial loss.

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Cyber Police Crack Down on Share Market Scam in Uttar Pradesh, Arrest Two

  1. Cyber Police Arrest Two Fraudsters in Uttar Pradesh: Mohd Safik and Ashish Kumar Rajaram were arrested in Hardoi district for duping investors of Rs 11.4 lakh with false promises of lucrative share market returns.
  2. Seizure of Large Number of SIM Cards and Mobile Phones: Authorities confiscated 2,626 SIM cards and 40 mobile phones used in the operation to deceive investors.
  3. Recovery of Material Worth Rs 5 Lakh: Items valued around Rs 5 lakh were recovered in the process, showcasing the scale of the fraudulent operation.
  4. Dismissal of Four Police Officers: In an unrelated action, Police Commissioner Ravinder Singal dismissed four police constables for disciplinary reasons, including prolonged unauthorised absence from duty.
  5. Operation Led by Nagpur Rural SP: The arrest of the fraudsters was made possible through the efforts of the cyber police, following directives from Nagpur rural SP Harssh A Poddar, by tracking the suspects’ mobile numbers.

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Doda Cyber Crime Unit Recovers Over Rs. 3 Lakh in Online Fraud Cases

  1. The Cyber Crime Investigation Unit (CCIU) in Doda successfully recovered over Rs. 3 lakh that had been fraudulently obtained online.
  2. A complaint received on February 13, 2024, detailed that Ajay Singh from Doda was deceived out of Rs. 85,000 through an online scam.
  3. Another complaint, submitted offline on March 4, 2024, by Sehdev Singh from Kathua (currently residing in Doda), reported an online fraud amounting to Rs. 2,15,220.
  4. Under the leadership of PSI Ankush Nagra, the cyber investigation team conducted extensive efforts leading to the successful recovery of the total defrauded amount of Rs. 3,00,220 across both complaints.
  5. SSP Doda, Javaid Iqbal, urged the public to maintain heightened vigilance against unknown callers and fraudsters, and to report any instances of cheating to the police promptly for timely intervention against online fraudsters.

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Anonymous Sudan Claims Cyberattack on US DoJ, Motivation Unclear

  1. Hacktivist group Anonymous Sudan claims DDoS attack on the US Department of Justice (DoJ). They haven’t provided evidence and the DoJ hasn’t commented.
  2. Motivation: Oppose US support for Israel and alleged interference in the Sudanese civil war.
  3. Group promotes new DDoS-as-a-service “InfraShutdown”. This shift suggests financial gain, possibly due to lost backing or increased operational costs.
  4. Anonymous Sudan previously targeted OpenAI, Meta, French agencies, likely for political reasons.
  5. Group has a history of financial backers, and this donation campaign suggests a need for more funds.

Ukraine’s Cyber Police Bust Crackdown: Over 100 Million Instagram and Email Accounts Hacked 

  1. The Cyber Police of Ukraine have arrested three individuals for hijacking over 100 million emails and Instagram accounts globally, facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted.
  2. The suspects, aged between 20 and 40, were part of an organized crime group that used brute-force attacks to guess login credentials.
  3. The compromised accounts were sold on the dark web, with buyers using them for various fraudulent activities, including scamming the victim’s contacts.
  4. Ukrainian authorities conducted searches across multiple cities, confiscating electronic devices and cash, in response to the criminal activities.
  5. In a related U.S. case, an individual pleaded guilty to hacking and is scheduled for sentencing, with a restitution payment of over $1 million to the victims.


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