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Gurugram Police Uncover Bank-Linked Cyber Scam, Four Arrested

Four arrested in Gurugram for cyber fraud, including three bank employees, exposing a sophisticated scam involving bank account details.



Gurugram Police Uncover Bank-Linked Cyber Scam, Four Arrested

Gurugram Police have arrested four individuals, including three managers from a private bank’s MG Road branch, for their suspected involvement in a cyber fraud operation. The arrested individuals are identified as Mohit Rathi (25), Mahesh Kumar (27), Vishwkarma Maurya (26), and Hayat (23).

Investigations revealed a concerning pattern, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber) Siddhant Jain. Hayat, who was not a bank employee, allegedly acted as a facilitator, procuring confidential bank account details from the three managers – all employed by Kotak Mahindra Bank – and passing them on to the mastermind of a cyber fraud gang.

“The three accused bank managers have been working at the bank for the past seven months,” DCP Jain stated, “and during this period, they are suspected of opening approximately 2,000 bank accounts.”

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Authorities allege that the bank managers employed deceptive tactics to convince unsuspecting residents from Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, to open new bank accounts under their names. These individuals were likely unaware that the bank account kits, containing crucial information like account numbers, debit cards, and PINs, would be used for illicit purposes by the cyber fraud gang.

The investigation unfolded following a complaint lodged by a Gurugram resident at the Manesar cyber crime police station in November 2023. The complainant reported receiving a fraudulent call claiming his son was hospitalized and requesting a money transfer for his treatment. He later realized he had been the victim of a cyber scam.

Prompt action was taken based on the complaint. An FIR was registered, and all four individuals were apprehended between February 21st and 26th, 2024. Two mobile phones were confiscated from their possession.

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“We are currently interrogating the accused, and efforts are underway to gather details of all bank accounts they may have opened,” DCP Jain said.

This incident underscores the escalating threat of cyber fraud in India and emphasizes the need for heightened public awareness and vigilance against such scams. It also sheds light on the importance of robust security measures within the banking sector to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The case raises critical questions about potential vulnerabilities within the banking system and the need for stricter regulations and employee training to safeguard sensitive customer information. Further investigations are likely to reveal the full extent of the fraudulent activities and potentially lead to the identification of other individuals involved in the scheme.

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