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HP High Court Streamlines Relief Process for Cyber Fraud Victims, Removes FIR Requirement



The Himachal Pradesh High Court has taken a significant step towards expediting relief for victims of cyber fraud by issuing a directive to streamline the process for releasing blocked funds without the need for FIR registration.

With an alarming surge of complaints against cyber frauds registered in Cyber Crime Police Stations across Himachal Pradesh, victims often faced delays in accessing their funds due to procedural hurdles. Investigation officers typically follow the trail of siphoned-off money, blocking or holding it under section 102 CrPC, which was eventually released by Trial Courts U/S 457 of CrPC. However, when complainants sought the release of these funds with relevant bank details, trial courts insisted on FIR registrations, further prolonging the ordeal for victims.

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In response to this issue, the Registrar of the HP High Court, RK Chaudhary, directed trial courts not to insist on FIR registrations for complaints already registered on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal (NCRP). Instead, the court instructed that funds be released in favor of victims based on the complaint copy lodged on the NCRP portal, along with an action taken report filed by the respective Cyber Police Stations.

This directive aims to alleviate the burden on cyber fraud victims and expedite the process of accessing their blocked funds, providing much-needed relief to those affected by cybercrimes in the state.

Registrar HP High Court Order

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