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ICICI Bank Warns Customers of Sophisticated Online Scams Draining Accounts



ICICI Bank has issued a cautionary advisory to its customers, warning them about the emergence of new online fraud tactics. The bank emphasized the risks associated with clicking on malicious links and downloading suspicious applications. These activities, according to ICICI Bank, could lead to the unauthorized installation of software, potentially giving hackers access to sensitive financial information and leading to monetary losses.

The APK File Scam Explained

The advisory detailed how cybercriminals are employing APK files to perpetrate fraud. These files, when downloaded, can reroute messages and calls from the victim’s device, enabling fraudsters to carry out illicit transactions and gain access to secure data like OTPs and bank details.

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ICICI Bank’s Safety Recommendations

To counteract these threats, ICICI Bank has provided a set of guidelines for its customers. These include updating mobile devices with the latest security patches, installing applications solely from reputable sources like Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and having updated antivirus software. The bank also advises against clicking on suspicious links and sharing personal information such as OTPs, passwords, or PIN numbers.

ICICI Bank firmly stated, “Remain vigilant and ensure that you do not install any suspicious/malicious application in your mobile from untrustworthy sources. ICICI Bank never sends any SMS/WhatsApp message to its customers, asking them to call a particular mobile number or download any application.”

By following these precautions, ICICI Bank aims to enhance the security of its customers and mitigate the risk of cyber fraud.

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