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Investment Scam Busted: Uttarakhand STF Nets Suspects Across States in Major Operation

Uttarakhand Cyber Police nabs another in investment scam. Posing as Malaysian girl, the gang lured victims via fake website.



Investment Scam Busted: Uttarakhand STF Nets Suspects Across States in Major Operation

DEHRADUN: The Uttarakhand STF has scored another win in its fight against online fraud. The team recently arrested Amjad Khan, a resident of Mumbai, in connection with a multi-crore investment scam that targeted individuals across India. This arrest follows a complaint filed in February 2022 by a Dehradun resident, who alleged fraud through the website

Lure of High Returns: How the Scam Unfolded

The scam involved the classic tactic of promising high returns on investments. The victim was contacted via WhatsApp by fraudsters posing as “Miss Lisa” from Malaysia. They enticed her to invest in mutual funds on the aforementioned website, guaranteeing significant profits. The initial strategy was to build trust. The victim was convinced to start small with a Rs. 10,000 investment through Paytm, and assured of reasonable returns. This initial success story likely convinced the victim to invest larger sums through Indian banks, ultimately leading to a loss exceeding Rs. 94 lakh.

Sophisticated Deception: Fake Websites and Impersonation

The scammers deployed a combination of social engineering and impersonation to make their scheme appear legitimate. They created a fake customer helpline number (+447859436173, later changed to +447727421289) to cultivate an image of customer support. Additionally, they impersonated Indian banks to give the illusion of a secure investment platform. This technique of mimicking trusted institutions is a common ploy used by cybercriminals to exploit unsuspecting victims.

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Cracking Down on the Network: Multiple Arrests Made

Following victims complaints, the Dehradun Cyber Crime Police Station wasted no time. They registered an FIR under relevant sections of the IPC and IT Act, and launched a meticulous investigation. Their efforts led to the successful apprehension of the main accused, Sharif from Bangalore, Karnataka. This breakthrough was followed by the arrests of three other accomplices: Vaishyak Unnikrishnan from Kerala, Yusuf Mirza from Maharashtra, and now Amjad Khan from Mumbai. Amjad Khan’s arrest is particularly significant as he reportedly has a history of cybercrime, with complaints registered against him in multiple states.

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Police Advocate Vigilance: Tips to Stay Safe Online

Senior Superintendent of Police, STF, Uttarakhand, Ayush Aggarwal, urged the public to exercise caution when encountering online investment opportunities that promise high returns. He emphasized the importance of verifying websites through reliable sources like banks and companies before investing any money. Additionally, the police recommend against searching for customer care numbers on search engines like Google. Instead, they advise contacting local police stations or cyber crime units if anything seems suspicious. For immediate assistance with financial cybercrime, citizens can call the national helpline number 1930.

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