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Jamtara Styled Cyber Criminal Arrested, UP Cyber Police To Probe Data Leak Of TVS Credit, Mahindra, & Bajaj Finance



Jamtara Styled Cyber Criminal Arrested, UP Cyber Police To Probe Data Leak Of TVS Credit, Mahindra, & Bajaj Finance

LUCKNOW: What if you get a call from a loan agent and he has all of your personal and investment information? Would you believe him? Beware! The person who is calling you may be a fraudster. A large-scale industry of duping insurance holders of various firms is taking place across India, fueled by leaked data from insurance holders.

According to the police investigation, policy-related data of thousands of loan holders from various firms is being sold on the black market and is currently being utilised by fraudsters to manipulate and cheat loan holders. Despite the consumer data breach, no loan companies have stepped forward to take preventive measures.

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Lucknow Cyber police crackdown shows that cybercriminals from Jamtara and other surrounding cyber crime-prone areas are now getting into this crime. 

The Cyber Crime police of UP have arrested a cybercriminal exploiting leaked data of loan holders. Police said many loan holders of TVS Credit Services Limited were cheated of money by asking them to deposit the loan installments. The investigation was initiated after a case was registered by Ravi Mohan Verma, Regional Manager (RCU) of TVS Credit Services Limited at Cyber ​​Crime Lucknow Police Station, which Cyber ​​Crime Police Station Lucknow is investigating.

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Result: A cybercriminal was arrested from the Deoghar area in Jharkhand who had cheated many TVS Credit services, loan holders. 

Police said digital evidence was gathered, and using technical surveillance Bikki Mandal from Deoghar district, Jharkhand, was tracked and picked up by UP Cyber police. Police have found huge loan and insurance holders databank from him. 

Prof Triveni Singh, Cyber Crime, SP, Uttar Pradesh, told this entire crackdown has revealed how sensitive data is stored recklessly. It is the company’s and its associates’ responsibility to protect their customers’ personal details.

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Singh emphasised that all loan and insurance companies, regardless of size, complexity, or lines of business, collect, store, and share substantial amounts of personal and confidential information of their customer. Call centers, Common Service Centers, and other organisations have access to account details. While information sharing is necessary for company operations, it is also required to ensure that sufficient protocols and procedures are in place to ensure no leakage of information and that information is given only on a need-to-know basis.

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The team of UP Cyber police is now going to conduct a forensic audit of the data recovered from the gang. A senior officer told that the audit would highlight where the data breach happened. The companies’ data has been collected through hacking or involvement of employees or via data dumps on the internet.

Police have found data of TVS credit services, Bajaj Finance, and Mahindra Finance from the cyber-criminal.

“We will conduct an information security audit of the companies involved to scrutinize from where the data breach happened. Representatives of these insurance companies will be booked for the lapses,” said the officer.

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