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Know Why Hyderabad Police Is Planning To Approach Interpol To Issue Blue Corner Notice Against This Nigerian



Know Why Hyderabad Police Is Planning To Approach Interpol To Issue Blue Corner Notice Against This Nigerian

Prateek Sharma in HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Police are going to send a blue coroner notice to Interpol in order to get the exact location of the Nigerian hacker who stole Rs 12.9 crore from the chest account of AP Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank in January of this year.

Despite the passage of more than four months, the hacker has remained elusive. The police, who believe he is not in India, have decided to seek assistance from Interpol to determine where he is hiding.

The authorities suspect that the looted funds were transported out of India via hawala or possibly through cryptocurrency.

During the course of the inquiry, the police arrested 23 people, including a Nigerian named Stephen Orzi, but the mastermind, another Nigerian, remains at large.

The IP address of the computer system he used to hack into the Mahesh Bank’s chest account software is the sole indication the police have about the Nigerian hacker.

Their efforts to trace him using the IP address have so far been futile, prompting them to seek Interpol’s assistance by issuing a blue corner alert.

The blue corner notice is used to gather more information on a person’s identity, whereabouts, or behaviours in connection with a crime. This will assist the police in locating the Nigerian hacker’s exact location.

The Hyderabad police will issue a red corner notice, which is a request to law enforcement officials all across the world to identify and temporarily detain a person pending extradition, surrender, or other legal action. It will function similarly to an international arrest warrant.

“Notices” are international requests for cooperation or alerts that allow police in member nations to communicate crucial crime-related information, according to the Interpol website. Notifications are classified into seven types: red notices, yellow notices, blue notices, black notices, green notices, orange notices, and purple notices. The Blue Notice is used to “gather further information on a person’s identity, location, or activities in connection with a crime.”

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