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Noida Police Bust International Cyber Fraud Ring: Chinese and Nepalese Nationals Among Arrested

Major cyber fraud network exposed by Noida Police, leading to three arrests and the seizure of numerous SIM cards and currencies.



Officials Beware: Cyber Perpetrators Target High-Ranking Government Authorities

The Noida Police have cracked down on an international cyber fraud gang, arresting three individuals, including a Chinese national illegally residing in India, and a citizen of Nepal. The gang is believed to have targeted unsuspecting Indian victims through popular social media applications.

Illegal Stay and Forged Identities

Su Youming, 34, caught the attention of authorities for residing in India without a visa, having travelled to Noida via Nepal, thus raising questions about the ease with which international borders can be navigated by those with nefarious intentions. The police operation led to the seizure of four passports and an astonishing cache of 531 SIM cards, activated under forged identities of Indian nationals, pointing to a deep-rooted conspiracy to undermine the digital security of individuals.

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A Coordinated Effort

The arrest, executed by officials from the Bisrakh police station, unveiled a complex web of deceit involving the use of social media platforms and messaging apps such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and several undisclosed Chinese applications. “These platforms were weaponized to target Indians, laying bare the vulnerabilities present in the digital lives of citizens,” stated Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central Noida) Suniti, highlighting the international scope of the cyber thugs’ operations, which were reportedly managed from Cambodia.

The Local Nexus and International Connections

The investigation has peeled back layers of this cyber syndicate, revealing plans to establish a facade of legitimacy through an office in Noida’s bustling commercial hub, Sector 18. This move, now thwarted by the police, would have provided a veneer of respectability to their illicit activities. The police’s findings also hint at a network of local collaborators, whose roles are currently under scrutiny.

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Diverse Loot and Legal Proceedings

From the trio, authorities recovered a diverse array of currencies, including Nepalese currency, US dollars, Dirhams, Thai notes, Chinese Yuan, and Cambodian notes, alongside ₹94,710, painting a picture of an operation that spanned several nations. Legal action has been initiated under various sections of the Indian Penal Code related to cheating and forgery, with additional charges under the Foreigners Act against Su Youming.

An Ongoing Investigation

With the investigation still in motion, DCP Suniti emphasized the importance of tracing further links to this gang and understanding the full extent of their fraudulent activities. This case has also prompted a wider alert, with central and state security agencies being notified to prevent such sophisticated cyber scams from taking root.

A Wake-Up Call

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the evolving threat landscape in the digital age, where international borders do little to contain the reach of cybercriminals. It underscores the need for vigilance among netizens and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect against such insidious threats. As the Noida Police continue to unravel this web of deceit, the story unfolds as a cautionary tale of the digital era, where connectivity can sometimes open doors to unexpected vulnerabilities.


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