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Operation Meghchakra: CBI Raids 56 Location To Counter Child Pornography



Operation Meghchakra: CBI Raids 56 Location To Counter Child Pornography

NEW DELHI: Launching a crackdown against child pornography, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) conducted searches on Saturday at 56 locations across 19 states and a Union Territory in connection with the online distribution of child sexual abuse material.

According to officials, today’s search operation, “Operation Meghchakra,” is the central probe agency’s largest crackdown on the distribution of child pornography videos and images to date. The raids are aimed at identifying and prosecuting individuals and gangs involved in distributing such material through social media platforms and blackmailing minors.

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The CBI initiated the search after obtaining input from the Interpol branch in Singapore, they added.

The raids are a follow-up to raids undertaken by the CBI last year as part of a similar operation dubbed “Operation Carbon,” which targeted peddlers involved in the distribution of child pornographic content via cloud storage facilities.

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The Supreme Court instructed the centre last week to produce a detailed report on the procedures in place to monitor child pornography cases. The Supreme Court had also requested an update on the situation from the internet companies.

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The Supreme Court has been investigating child pornography since 2015, when an NGO wrote to then-Chief Justice H L Dattu about the distribution of two rape tapes.

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