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Retired Navy Officer Duped in Rs 68 Lakh Cyber Con Posing as Narcotics Officials

Ex-Navy officer defrauded of Rs 68L by cyber scammers. Mumbai’s Crime Branch hunts for the fraudsters in a high-stakes investigation.



Retired Navy Officer Duped in Rs 68 Lakh Cyber Con Posing as Narcotics Officials
Retired Navy Officer Loses Rs 68 Lakh in Elaborate Cyber Scam: Mumbai Crime Branch Investigates

In a concerning turn of events, a retired officer from the Indian Navy, Ramlakhedi Manoj Bhurariya, aged 55, became the target of a well-orchestrated cyber scam, losing Rs 68 lakh in the process. Bhurariya, who had previously served as Principal Director at the Indian Navy’s Delhi headquarters, reported his ordeal to the Mumbai Crime Branch, marking the beginning of an intricate investigation into the fraud.

The Initial Threat: A Phishing Scheme Unveiled

The scam unfolded when Bhurariya was contacted through a phishing Skype ID, followed by intimidating video calls threatening him with a non-bailable warrant and house arrest. These threats culminated in an extortion demand of Rs 68 lakh, prompting him to seek the assistance of the Mumbai Crime Branch. The Cyber Crime Police have since taken up the case, initiating a fraud investigation based on Bhurariya’s detailed complaint.

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Deception in Detail: The Scammers’ Approach

The elaborate scam began on January 25, when Bhurariya received a call from an individual claiming to be Harish Nayak, an employee of FedEx’s Mumbai office. Nayak alleged that a parcel, supposedly sent from Mumbai to Taiwan under Bhurariya’s Aadhaar ID and containing 200 grams of MDMA, had been intercepted. Doubting the legitimacy of the parcel, Bhurariya was advised to lodge a complaint with the Cyber Crime Unit, leading to his introduction to a scammer posing as Inspector Prakash Kumar of the Narcotics Mumbai Crime Branch.

Kumar, exploiting Bhurariya’s trust, suggested downloading Skype for secure communication and advised him to remain isolated during their discussions, citing mobile surveillance. A fictitious agreement over WhatsApp promised that cooperation from Bhurariya would prevent the issuance of a non-bailable warrant until the purported investigation concluded.

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The Fraud Escalates: A Forged Financial Demand

The scam took a more severe turn when another scammer, impersonating the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Cyber Crime, IPS Baal Singh Rajput, contacted Bhurariya through Skype. This imposter linked Bhurariya’s Aadhaar number to a known legislator involved in a money laundering case, further entangling him in their deceitful narrative.

Under the guise of this investigation, Bhurariya was coerced into providing six months’ bank statements. The scammers then dispatched a counterfeit letter, allegedly from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), instructing him to transfer 49% of the scrutinized amount via RTGS. The letter falsely assured a refund following the investigation’s completion.

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The Aftermath: A Silent Struggle for Justice

Bhurariya adhered to the instructions, transferring a total of Rs 68.49 lakh into three specified bank accounts across several dates. Despite promises of communication and refund, Bhurariya has been left in silence, with no further contact from the scammers via Skype or WhatsApp.

As the Mumbai Crime Branch delves into this complex case of identity theft and money laundering, Bhurariya’s experience serves as a stark reminder of the sophisticated tactics employed by cybercriminals and the importance of vigilance in the digital age.


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