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Revenge Hack: This Lone American Hacker Is Behind North Korea Internet Shutdown



Revenge Hack: This Lone American Hacker Is Behind North Korea Internet Shutdown

NEW DELHI: North Korea’s digital connectivity has suffered a setback, with the country experiencing periodic failures of its few websites. For the past two weeks, specialists have been trying to find out why this is happening. While fingers were pointed at state-sponsored attacks on the isolated country following its recent missile launch, it turns out that it was a lone hacker sitting at home in the United States who brought down North Korea’s internet connectivity.

An American computer hacker claims to be the mastermind of a vengeance strike that has repeatedly disrupted North Korea’s Internet in the last month.

P4x, the hacker, claims he was targeted by the hermit dictatorship’s agents who cyber-attacked Western security researchers in 2021.

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According to Wired, the hacker was enraged by the incident and irritated by the lack of response from US officials.

He said that North Korea sought to collect hacking tools and information on software flaws, which he foiled.

But he remained enraged and determined to get retribution, telling Wired, “It felt like the appropriate thing to do here. If they don’t see we have teeth, they’ll just keep coming.”

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“I want them to understand that if you come at us, it means some of your infrastructure is going to fall down for a period,” he added.

The North Korean internet failures occurred at the same time the regime was conducting a series of missile tests, prompting some observers to speculate that it was the work of a foreign country.

During the outages, all of the country’s websites, which number only a few dozen, appeared to go down at the same moment.

He has so far refused to divulge how he gained access to the North Korean system in order to launch a denial-of-service attack on its servers and routers.

P4x claims to have built a new dark website for hackers called FUNK, which stands for F U North Korea, in order to continue his attacks on the government.

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