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Russian, Belarusian Hackers Launch Phishing Attack On Ukraine, European Allies: Google



Russian, Belarusian Hackers Launch Phishing Attack On Ukraine, European Allies: Google

NEW DELHI: In recent weeks, Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, has observed Russian hackers, notably FancyBear, engaging in espionage, phishing campaigns, and other attacks targeting Ukraine and its European allies.

In a blog post on Monday, Google’s Threat Analysis Group, which focuses on disrupting computer hackers and notifying people about them, reported that Russian hacking team FancyBear, also known as APT28, has been sending phishing emails to Ukrainian media company UkrNet for the past two weeks.

Russia denies deploying hackers to track down its adversaries. Phishing communications are designed to collect user account login information so that hackers can gain access to a target’s computers and internet accounts.

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Google declined to comment on whether any of the assaults were effective.

Ghostwriter/UNC1151, defined by Google as a Belarusian threat actor, has been phishing Polish and Ukrainian government and military organisations in an attempt to gain account credentials.

Ukrainian cybersecurity officials claimed last month that hackers from Belarus are targeting Ukrainian military personnel’s private email addresses “and connected individuals.”

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Mustang Panda, also known as Temp.Hex, has been sending virus-infected attachments to “European entities” with file names like “Situation at the EU Borders with,” according to Google.

The project was described by Google as a departure from Mustang Panda’s usual Southeast Asian focus.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last month, Russian and Ukrainian hackers have swapped internet attacks such as defacing official websites. Ukraine has officially urged its hacker community to assist in the protection of infrastructure and the conduct of cyber surveillance missions against Russian troops.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the most serious attack on a European country since World War II.

Russia refers to its actions in Ukraine as a “special operation,” claiming that they are not intended to occupy territory but rather to destroy Ukraine’s military capabilities and capture what it considers to be dangerous nationalists.

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