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Teacher Loses Over Rs. 5 Lakh to Electricity Bill Scam, Fearing Impact on Daughter’s Studies

Teacher in Mumbai falls victim to electricity bill scam, losing Rs 5.78 lakh due to fears of exam disruption. Police investigating.



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Teacher in Mumbai loses Rs 5.78 lakh to electricity bill scam, sparking police investigation. Stay vigilant against online fraud.

MUMBAI: A 69-year-old teacher residing in Malad, Mumbai, found himself ensnared in a cyber fraud trap after succumbing to fears of a potential power outage that could disrupt his daughter’s Class X board exam preparation. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, lost a staggering sum of Rs 5.78 lakh in the ordeal. Malad police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Family in Malad (West) Targeted

The teacher, a resident of Malad (West), shares his home with his wife and two children. His decision to act on a deceptive message regarding an impending power cut set the stage for the fraudulent scheme.

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Deceptive Message Triggers Response

On a Monday afternoon, the victim received a text message on his mobile device, warning him of a potential power disconnection if he failed to settle his electricity bill by 9:30 pm that day. Alarmed by the prospect of disruption to his daughter’s studies, the teacher felt compelled to act swiftly.

In his filed complaint, he disclosed, “Fearing a power cut may hamper my daughter’s class 10 studies adversely, I contacted the sender, who identified himself as one Deepak Sharma from the Adani (power) office in Dindoshi.”

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Fraudster’s Tactics Unveiled

Engaging with the purported sender, the victim was directed to download the Quick Support app, purportedly for the purpose of ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. This app, however, served as a tool for the scammer to glean sensitive banking information from the victim under the guise of bill settlement.

Devastating Realization

The teacher complied with the scamster’s instructions, unwittingly providing access to his banking details. Later that evening, he received a distressing alert regarding banking transactions. Upon investigation, he was dismayed to discover that a total of Rs 5.78 lakh had been siphoned from his account through five fraudulent transactions.

Seeking Justice

Recognizing the extent of the deception, the victim promptly reported the incident to the authorities, seeking recourse for the substantial financial loss. The Malad police have taken up the case and are actively pursuing leads, including tracing the bank accounts implicated in the fraudulent transactions.

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Police Response

A police official involved in the case stated, “The Malad police are in the process of obtaining details of the bank accounts used by the fraudsters to receive the money.”

Vigilance Against Online Scams

Authorities urge the public to exercise caution and skepticism when confronted with unsolicited messages or requests for sensitive information, especially regarding financial matters. Stay vigilant, stay safe.

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