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The420 Cyber Crime News Update: Nationwide Scams Swindle Millions, Authorities Arrest Key Suspects Across Multiple Cases



The420 Daily Cyber Security Alert: Protecting Yourself from the Latest Scams

Udupi Woman Loses Over Rs 2 Lakh in Online Review Scam

  1. A 35-year-old woman from Udupi was deceived into transferring Rs 2.21 lakh to a scammer who promised her money for Google reviews.
  2. Initially, she received Rs 150 for a review, which led her to trust the scammer and perform more tasks that involved money transfers.
  3. A police case has been registered at Udupi town police station regarding this incident.
  4. In a separate case, a 28-year-old woman from Trasi village lost Rs 1.14 lakh in an online scam after following a fraudulent work-from-home link.
  5. The case involving the second woman is being handled by Gangolli police, with charges filed under several sections of the IPC and IT Act.

Senior HR Executive Cheated Out of Rs 1 Crore by Cyber Fraudsters

  1. Police successfully recovered Rs 71 lakh out of Rs 1 crore stolen from Sanjay Jain, a senior HR executive, by cyber fraudsters who deceived him into investing in a fake stocks app.
  2. Jain was lured into the scam by cyber cons posing as representatives from a reputed financial services firm and lost money between January and February.
  3. Three suspects, involved in the fraud scheme and operating with international connections, were arrested in Jaipur last month.
  4. The fraud involved the suspects using bank accounts to facilitate the transfer of stolen funds, for which they received commissions from accomplices based in Dubai.
  5. The police emphasized the importance of prompt reporting of cybercrimes to the toll-free number 1930 to improve chances of recovering stolen funds.

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Jammu Police Cyber Cell Recovers Over Rs 1 Lakh in Online Fraud Cases

  1. The Cyber Cell of District Police Jammu resolved four separate online financial fraud cases totaling Rs 1.15 lakh, successfully recovering Rs 1.02 lakh.
  2. In one case, a victim was deceived by a fake credit message and a call from a fraudster claiming a wrong transfer, leading to a loss of Rs 45,000.
  3. Another victim, an artificial grass seller, was scammed out of Rs 35,000 while searching for an online wholesaler and contacted fraudsters posing as dealers.
  4. A provision shop owner lost Rs 25,000 after receiving a fake payment confirmation for items ordered over the phone.
  5. The fourth case involved a fraud of Rs 10,000, where the complainant realized the scam after making initial transactions and promptly reported to the police.

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Mumbai Baker Defrauded of Rs. 31.50 Lakh in Stock Market Scam, 2 Arrested

  1. The South Cyber Cell of Mumbai arrested two suspects, Mohammad Rashid and Mohammad Ansari, for defrauding Avinash Nandalvar, a baker, out of Rs. 31.50 lakhs through a stock market investment scam.
  2. Nandalvar was enticed by a Facebook ad and subsequently joined several Telegram groups promising high returns on stock investments, where he followed the group admins’ investment advice.
  3. He invested heavily in various companies, persuaded by promises of 200-300% profit, and faced withdrawal issues due to “ongoing reviews” and additional purported taxes.
  4. After realizing the scam, Nandalvar contacted the helpline number 1930, leading to an FIR and the arrest of the suspects involved in the fraudulent scheme.
  5. The arrested individuals were also wanted by another Cyber Cell for similar offenses, and they have been charged under various sections of the IPC and IT Act.

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Cyber Thieves Dupe Wagholi Residents of Rs 88 Lakh in 25 Days

  1. A 32-year-old from Wagholi was scammed out of Rs. 14.99 lakh after being enticed by a fake online task job advertised on the Telegram app.
  2. Despite making the payments, the youth did not receive any refund, realizing too late that it was a fraud.
  3. A total of eight citizens from Wagholi have been cheated out of Rs. 88.29 lakh by cyber thieves over the last 25 days.
  4. The common lure used by the fraudsters was the promise of substantial gains from simple online tasks.
  5. An FIR has been registered at the Lonikand police station against unknown person(s) involved in this scam.


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