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Nagpur Cyber Police Bust Major SIM Card Fraud, Two Arrested

  1. The Nagpur cyber police arrested two individuals from Uttar Pradesh, seizing 2,626 SIM cards and 40 mobile phones used for online fraud.
  2. The arrest followed an investigation into a December incident where a Nagpur resident lost Rs 11.40 lakh to these fraudsters.
  3. The police action was based on a complaint lodged in Nagpur, leading to a case under the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act.
  4. In an unrelated incident, a man was arrested in Nagpur for the murder of his father-in-law over a family dispute, with the victim’s wife critically injured.
  5. A tragic accident occurred in Maharashtra’s Nagpur district, where a six-year-old boy was electrocuted after touching a live wire exposed due to a hailstorm-induced tree fall.

Scammers Demand Rs 50,000 from Mumbai Businessman Falsely Claiming Son Arrested For Rape

  1. A businessman from Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai fell victim to cyber fraud when scammers posing as police officers claimed his son was detained in a rape case and demanded Rs 50,000 urgently.
  2. The victim, Ashok Purohit, was contacted by the fraudsters who provided a bank account number for the transfer of the demanded amount.
  3. Unable to reach his son initially, Purohit feared for the worst and deposited Rs 49,500 into the fraudsters’ account.
  4. After depositing the money, Purohit was able to contact his son, who informed him that he was in college, leading Purohit to realize he had been scammed.
  5. Purohit reported the incident to the Azad Maidan police station, where an FIR was registered against an unknown person and an investigation was initiated.

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Hyderabad Resident Duped of Rs 10 Lakh in Courier Fraud

  1. A 59-year-old man from Hyderabad was scammed out of Rs 10 lakh through a fake parcel scheme involving a supposed FedEx courier from Mumbai.
  2. The scam involved a fictional consignment in the victim’s name, allegedly containing drugs, electronic devices, expired passports, debit cards, and toys.
  3. The victim was tricked into communicating with individuals posing as Mumbai Andheri police and an officer from the Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau.
  4. Under the guise of verifying his bank balance for investigation purposes, the victim was coerced into transferring ₹10 lakh to the scammers.
  5. After realizing the scam, the victim reported the incident to the Cyber Crimes police of Hyderabad, leading to the booking of a case against the fraudsters.

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Telegram Investment Scam Busted: Man Arrested for Duping Victim of Rs 1.58 Lakh

  1. Jagannath Behera from Mayurbhanj district was arrested for committing cyber fraud via the Telegram app, promising to double investments.
  2. The police seized Rs 1.58 lakh and a mobile phone from Behera, acting on a complaint filed by Asish Pradhan from Koraput district.
  3. Pradhan was lured into investing Rs 1.58 lakh after joining specific Telegram channels and was promised doubled returns that never materialized.
  4. The fraud was discovered when Pradhan realized he did not receive the promised returns, leading him to file a complaint with Koraput cyber police.
  5. Despite being unemployed, Behera, a B.Sc graduate, utilized his technical skills to defraud individuals by gaining their confidence through social media.

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Padma Shri Awardee Doctor Scammed of Over Rs 2 Crore by Fake Wealth Management Firm

  1. A distinguished doctor from the state capital, who is also a Padma Shri awardee, reported being scammed of over Rs 2 crore by a fake wealth management firm.
  2. After being attracted by their advertisements, the doctor became a member and deposited money, which supposedly showed profits on the firm’s website.
  3. Encouraged by the displayed profits, the doctor was persuaded to invest more, eventually totaling Rs 2.27 crore.
  4. When the doctor requested a withdrawal of his funds, the firm demanded an additional deposit as a commission, which raised his suspicions of fraud.
  5. The complaint was lodged with the Delhi cyber cell, indicating a serious investigation is underway.

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Jamtara Police Arrest Seven in Cyber Fraud Crackdown, Including Suspect Wanted by Delhi Police

  1. Jamtara police arrested seven individuals involved in cyber fraud, including a suspect wanted by Delhi Police for a scam involving Rs 3 lakh.
  2. The arrests were made in the Karmatand police station area during separate raids conducted on Tuesday.
  3. Incriminating items were recovered from the arrested individuals, indicating their involvement in the cyber fraud activities.
  4. The operation was based on a tip-off from Usmanpur police regarding a Delhi resident, Rajendra Singh, who was duped by impersonators posing as bank officials.
  5. The arrested individuals, including Kalim Ansari who is specifically accused of duping Singh, were sent to jail on Wednesday following their capture.

Retired Military Employee Duped of Rs 2.25 Lakh in Passport Cyber Scam

  1. Brij Bhushan Sharma, a 79-year-old retired military engineering services employee from Sector 20, lost Rs 2.25 lakh to a cyber-scam while awaiting his passport.
  2. Sharma received a fake dispatch message for his passport, which contained a tracking link leading him to download a mobile application.
  3. Upon following instructions in the app, he attempted to transfer Rs 5 as directed but failed; later, he found out Rs 2.25 lakh had been siphoned off from his bank accounts.
  4. After discovering the unauthorized transactions, Sharma reported the incident to the police.
  5. The Panchkula police have registered a case under various sections of the IPC for cheating, dishonesty, and criminal conspiracy at the cybercrime police station.

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