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Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Educated Individuals Are More Gullible to Cyber Frauds: Study
In Hyderabad, cyber fraudsters duped a senior scientist and an experienced trader of Rs. 10 lakh and over Rs. 3 crore, respectively, by exploiting fear and greed. Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau reports that 98% of cyber fraud victims are educated, urging prompt reporting and prevention to recover lost funds.

Telangana Cyber Security Bureau Prevents Rs. 60 Lakh Fraud Attempt
In Hyderabad, the TS Cyber Security Bureau intercepted a Rs. 60 lakh fraudulent transfer. A woman, tricked by a fake Maharashtra police officer, transferred the money but quickly reported the fraud. The bureau swiftly acted, freezing the funds within an hour and preventing the loss.

1 in 4 Indians Faced Cyber Threats in Jan-March: Report
In the first quarter of this year, nearly one in four Indians faced hacking attacks, with 22.9% encountering web-borne threats and 20.1% exposed to local threats. Kaspersky reported that malware, particularly file-less malware, remains a major concern, blocking over 12 million web threats and 16 million local incidents.

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RBI Calls for Proactive Risk Mitigation to Combat Cyberattacks
RBI Deputy Governor Swaminathan J emphasized the critical need for proactive cybersecurity measures and risk mitigation strategies in banking. Speaking at a conference, he highlighted the severe impacts of cyberattacks and stressed the importance of robust assurance functions, improved corporate governance, and harmonized regulations for Urban Cooperative Banks and commercial banks.

Rajasthan Trio Arrested for Rs. 4.5 Crore Online Fraud
Police arrested three individuals in Rajasthan for aiding a cyber fraud that caused a private bank a loss of Rs 4.5 crore through fraudulent transaction refunds. A hacker, suspected to be from Turkey, posed as an international merchant. Six arrests have been made, with more expected as investigations continue.


NATO Deputy Secretary General Advocates for Ambitious Cyber Defense
NATO Deputy Secretary General emphasized the ongoing cyber threats and the need for stronger civil-military and tech industry cooperation. The 2016 Cyber Defense Pledge and new cyber maturity model enhance Allies’ defenses. The 2024 Cyber Defense Pledge Conference, co-hosted by the Netherlands and Romania, saw increased NATO partner participation and highlighted future goals for the Washington Summit.

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Strategies for Governments to Protect Schools Against Cyberattacks
Cyberattacks on European schools are rising, targeting data, using ransomware, and exploiting teleconferencing. Governments are raising cybersecurity awareness, developing skills, securing devices, and proposing increased training, actionable guidance, more funding, and task forces to protect against these threats and safeguard personal information of students, teachers, and administrators.

Cyber Attack on Christie’s Shifts $578 Million Art Auctions Offline
A cyberattack disrupted Christie’s website during a major art auction week, shifting bidding to in-person and phone methods. Despite raising security concerns, auctions continued, with $578 million in art up for bid. The incident highlights the need for stronger cybersecurity measures in high-value sectors, impacting Christie’s reputation.

G7 Cyber Group Agrees on Information Sharing to Defend Democracies
The G7 Working Group on Cyber Security, chaired by Italian National Cybersecurity Agency Director Bruno Frattasi, met to address AI and cybersecurity interdependence and protect democratic processes from cyber threats. They emphasized securing infrastructures for the upcoming European elections and enhancing information sharing on major cyber threats, with plans to continue efforts under Canada’s presidency next year.

Cyberbreach Paralyzes MediSecure
MediSecure, a Melbourne-based company, suffered a severe ransomware attack, forcing it to shut down its online operations. Sensitive client data may have been compromised. Australian government agencies are investigating the breach. The incident underscores escalating cyber threats in Australia, prompting government initiatives to bolster cybersecurity measures.

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