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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [07.05.2024]: Click for Details



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Dubai-Linked Cyber Fraud Ring Dismantled: Two Arrested for Swindling Mumbai Resident of Rs 1 Crore
Hyderabad cyber crime police arrest two individuals, including one in Dubai, for defrauding a Hyderabad man of Rs 1 crore. The gang, led by Bhura Ram, operated across India with 507 cases registered, using 47 bank accounts. Ram attempted to enter India through Nepal but was apprehended. Rolls Royces and Ferraris featured in their extravagant lifestyle.

Gurugram Police Apprehend 11 Cyber Criminals, Uncover Over Rs 14 Crore Fraud
Police reports 4,279 complaints and 198 cases against fraudsters, recovering ₹4.20 lakh, four phones, and two SIM cards. Analysis shows ₹14.60 crore fraud nationwide. Sixteen cases are in Haryana, five in Gurugram. Arrested individuals include Deepak Kumar, Naveen, and others, who exploited OLX and Instagram for online scams.

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Pune Residents Suffer Rs 254 Crore Loss in Cybercrime Scams
Pune faces a staggering ₹254 crore loss in online fraud over 2.5 years, with 1,189 cases reported. Recent scams involve impersonating authorities and exploiting social media. Cyber lab plans in Pune aim to tackle rising cybercrime. Hotspots include Rajasthan and Haryana. Citizens urged to report incidents and exercise caution. Helpline: 1930.

ED Seizes Rs 14 Crore Hidden in Cyber Fraudster’s Locker in Massive Gold Bust
ED seizes Rs 14.04 crore gold from cyber fraudster Punit Kumar’s mother’s locker in Faridabad. Kumar’s arrest revealed links to foreign gaming companies. Previous raids netted assets worth crores. Investigations uncover involvement with others in large-scale remittances through dummy firms to bypass regulations. Challenges in combating cybercrime underscored.

Private Firm Employee Loses Rs 37 Lakh in Online Task Scam
Private firm employee from Pune loses Rs 37.27 lakh to online task scam promising high returns. Crooks gained trust by transferring initial commission. Victim realized fraud when asked for more money without results. Hadapsar police register cheating case, plan further action after bank and social media site details are obtained.


Swiss Cyber Fraud Reports Nearly Doubled in Six Months

Swiss cyber fraud reports nearly doubled in six months, with a surge in phishing and AI-related scams. Despite a decline in ransomware attacks, challenges persist in IT system vulnerability and lack of cyber security understanding. The Federal Office for Cyber Security aims to enhance cyber defence through transparency and prevention measures.

Warning: Cyber Security Expert Alerts to Potential E-Transfer Scam with Disastrous Consequences for Victims
Cybersecurity expert warns of e-transfer scam depositing money into victims’ accounts, followed by requests for urgent return due to fake emergencies. Phishing emails accompanying transfers aim to steal banking credentials. Victims advised to alert banks immediately to prevent account compromise and fraud. Canadian Bankers Association urges caution and prompt bank contact.

Potential Insecurity: Reasons you VPN Might Not Offer the Security It Promises
Researchers at Leviathan Security reveal a vulnerability in VPNs linked to the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Exploiting DHCP option 121 allows attackers to manipulate routing rules, rerouting traffic through their server. This DHCP starvation attack disrupts legitimate connections, enabling rogue DHCP servers to intercept traffic.

92 Suspects in Telecom Fraud Arrested, Repatriated from Northern Myanmar to China
In a joint operation, Chinese and Myanmar authorities arrest 92 suspects, including 14 fugitives, in northern Myanmar’s crackdown on cross-border telecom fraud targeting Chinese residents. This effort is part of ongoing collaboration, with 49,000 suspects transferred since 2023, aiming to eradicate telecom fraud crimes.

Businesses Urged to Promptly Report Cyber Attacks to Police

Australian Cyber Security Summit 2024 highlights AFP’s role in cyber attack aftermath. Early reporting crucial for investigation and recovery of stolen funds. AFP collaborates with global partners for takedowns, including BlackCat ransomware group. National cyber crime reporting system aids reporting. Police investigate data theft, infiltration, and advise businesses on incident response preparedness.

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