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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [09.05.2024]: Click for details



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Cyberattack Strikes RCC: 20 Lakh Patient Records Stolen, Ransom Demanded in Cryptocurrency
A massive cyberattack hits Thiruvananthapuram’s RCC, compromising the data of 20 lakh patients. Korean-based hackers demand cryptocurrency ransom. Critical servers were breached, disrupting treatments. Allegations suggest sensitive data of 80 lakh patients extracted. Attacks halted radiation treatments, risking patients’ lives. Chinese and North Korean hackers are suspected. Security lapses exposed, experts urge a central probe.

Chandigarh Police Captures Cyber Fraudsters from Bihar
A Chandigarh cybercrime cell arrests four Bihar-based fraudsters for impersonating bank representatives. Victims were duped into installing malicious apps and disclosing credit card details. Rs 1.9 lakh was stolen from complainant Rajbir Singh Rai. A police raid in Patna, Bihar, leads to the arrests of Shahidul, Gautam Kumar, Bablu Kumar, and Sarvan Kumar. Scammers, who posed as bank officials, exploited victims’ trust to steal money.

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CBI Officer Falls Victim to Cyber fraud and loses Rs 2 Lakh to Scammer
A CBI officer in Mumbai loses Rs 2 lakh to a cyber fraudster posing as a Delhi Crime Branch official. Coerced into transferring money for a fake RBI verification process. Warns against WhatsApp scams, advises vigilance, caution with unsolicited offers, safeguarding personal information, and verifying caller identities to prevent cyber fraud.

Odisha Crime Branch Apprehends Three Directors of Two Fintech Firms for Rs 54.75 Lakh Cyber Fraud
Odisha Crime Branch arrests three individuals for facilitating cyber fraud in cryptocurrency investment schemes. Victims were lured via WhatsApp and Telegram, losing Rs 54.75 lakh. Fintech companies’ directors are implicated. Authorities caution against online investment scams and advise thorough verification of financial entities. An increase in investment fraud cases was observed, and citizens were urged to report suspicious activities promptly.

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Cyber Fraud Crackdown: KP Aims to Target Mule Accounts
Kolkata Police, CID, and Bidhannagar Police crack Rs 4 crore fraud cases in a month. The focus shifts to targeting mule accounts by reporting PAN numbers to financial watchdogs. Move aims to prevent fraudsters from opening new accounts and restarting scams. Await MHA clearance for blocking PAN cards.


UK Clears ‘Malicious Cyber Activity’ After Airport Outage Resolved
The UK’s Home Office confirms operational border control systems post-outage and denies cyberattack involvement. Heathrow and Stansted airports resume normal operations after a technical glitch resolves. Long queues were witnessed as Border Force faced nationwide technical issues. Past incidents include an e-gate system crash in May 2023 and an air traffic disruption in August 2023.

LockBit Ransomware Kingpin Identified and Sanctioned: Unveiling LockBitSupp
LockBit ransomware’s administrator, Dmitry Khoroshev, has been identified and sanctioned by global law enforcement. LockBitSupp has been unmasked as the mastermind behind the LockBit group. Five other members have been arrested. LockBit is responsible for 7,000 attacks, targeting hospitals and governments worldwide. The international crackdown has disrupted LockBit operations, showing a simultaneous decrease in attacks.

Duo Imprisoned for £5.7m Cryptocurrency Scam
Two men, Jake Lee and James Heppel, were jailed for a £5.7 million cryptocurrency scam. They replicated’s website to steal Bitcoin from 55 victims in 26 countries. Lee has been convicted for four years, and Heppel for 15 months. Confiscated assets include cash, artwork, and cars. Lee has been ordered to compensate victims with nearly £1 million.

Worry Over Cybercrime Rises as MTN Hacker is apprehended.
Latvian national to appear in Johannesburg court for hacking MTN and stealing airtime vouchers worth over R50 million. Hawks has been monitoring hackers since 2011. Cybercrime surges in South Africa, necessitating enhanced security measures. Experts warn of sophisticated cybercriminals targeting secure systems and emphasize the importance of robust cybersecurity protocols.

Authorities Expose Alleged Cybercrime Kingpin through Ransoms, Tattoos, and Million-Dollar Bounties
AFP and ASD collaborate on 119 LockBit cases in Australia. LockBit, responsible for 18% of Australian ransomware complaints, targeted critical sectors worldwide, earning $500 million in ransoms. The US indicts leader Dmitry Khoroshev, offering a $10 million reward. Questions arise about the legality of paying ransoms amidst sanctions. Experts caution against ransom payments.

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