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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [02.06.2024]: Click here to Know More



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. Nashik Waiters Apprehended in Cyber Fraud Probe
South Region Cyber Police apprehend two Nashik waiters, Himanshu More and Prem Shewale, linked to a nationwide bank fraud syndicate. They operated under higher-ups’ instructions, facilitating fraudulent transactions. The duo, unaware of masterminds’ identities, received directions through Telegram. Police seized multiple cards, phones, and SIMs during raids. Investigations ongoing.

2. Crime Branch Busts Major Cyber Fraud Ring, Nabs 5 Suspects
police crackdown on cybercrime resulted in the arrest of five individuals for opening fake bank accounts. The gang operated from a rented apartment, facilitating illegal money transfers from cyber fraud, gaming, and betting. Seized items include bank documents, biometric machines, and credit cards. Investigations ongoing.

3. Noida Businessman Swindled of Rs 9 Crore in WhatsApp, Trading Scam
A Noida businessman falls victim to cyber fraud, losing over Rs 9 crore. Police freeze Rs 1.62 crore in the victim’s account. Investigations reveal money transferred to accounts across Chennai, Assam, Bhubaneswar, Haryana, and Rajasthan. special team formed to apprehend cyber criminals. The public is urged to report online crimes immediately.

4. Indian Cyber Security Agency Alerts Users to Vulnerability in Checkpoint Gateway Products
Indian CERT-In cautions about Checkpoint Network Security gateway flaw (CVE-2024-24919), allowing hackers access to user data. Vulnerability affects gateways with IPSec, remote access VPN, or mobile access blades. Checkpoint issued fixes, urging immediate application. CERT-In previously warned of vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and Siemens products enabling arbitrary code execution.

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5. Powai Resident Loses Rs4.88 Lakhs in Cyber Scam
Powai resident loses Rs4.88 4.88 lakh in cyber scam after installing remote access app following fraudulent Cooper Hospital link. SR Vishwakarma (56) discovers 10 unauthorized transactions from his account. The complaint was filed with Powai police and cyber helpline. A check for Rs2 lakh bounced, prompting investigation.


6. Ticketmaster Breach Exposes User Data to Cyber Attack
Live Nation, parent company of Ticketmaster, reports a cyberattack compromising user data from third-party cloud database. criminal threat actor offered data for sale on dark web. The investigation is ongoing, with no suspects identified. FBI and CISA decline comment. impact on business deemed minimal. Stolen data severity considered low by experts.

7. YouTuber’s Money Stolen via Samsung Washing Machine Melody
Albino’s Fallout New Vegas stream got demonetized due to a Samsung washing machine melody falsely claimed as copyrighted. He vented on X, urging YouTube to address such abuses. YouTube replied, advising to dispute the claim. Albino expressed skepticism, fearing loss of revenue and channel termination. Tension mounts over fraudulent Content ID claims.

8. Hugging Face AI Firm Detects Unauthorized Entry into Spaces Platform
Hugging Face discloses unauthorized access to its Spaces platform, prompting token revocation and user notifications. Impact undisclosed; investigation ongoing. AI sector’s rapid growth attracts cyber threats. Previous security issues detailed by Wiz and HiddenLayer. Potential risks include compromise of private AI models and datasets, emphasizing supply chain vulnerability.

9. Mysterious Cyber Assault Downs Over 600,000 Routers in U.S.
Over 600,000 SOHO routers in the U.S. are bricked in a cyber attack dubbed Pumpkin Eclipse by Lumen Black Lotus Labs. Targeted ISP: possibly Windstream. attack employed Chalubo RAT, rendering devices permanently inoperable and requiring hardware replacement. Motivations unclear. unique targeting of ASN raises speculation. Unprecedented scale and impact noted.

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10. Cybercriminals Exploit Stack Overflow to Promote Malicious Python Package
malicious Python package “pytoileur” discovered on PyPI repository facilitates cryptocurrency theft. Author “PhilipsPY” re-uploads after removal by PyPI maintainers. Package executes Windows binary, drops spyware and steals malware. StackOverflow accounts promote package. Open-source platforms exploited for malware distribution. StackOverflow suspends the account. Overlaps found with previous bogus package campaigns.

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