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Matrimonial Website Nightmare: Software Engineer Scammed for Rs 1.1 Crore by Fake Profile



Matrimonial Website Nightmare: Software Engineer Scammed for Rs 1.1 Crore by Fake Profile

BENGALURU: A 41-year-old UK-based software engineer, fell victim to an extortion scheme after he met a woman on a matrimonial website. The woman, operating under a fake profile, managed to extract over Rs 1.1 crore from the victim by using deceit and blackmail. The Bengaluru police were able to freeze Rs 84 lakh in the woman’s accounts as part of their ongoing investigation into the case.

The Start of a Deceptive Connection:

According to the police, the victim came to Bengaluru for professional training and saw an opportunity to find a life partner through a matrimonial website. Little did he know that his quest for love would lead him into the clutches of a cunning con artist.

After registering on the matrimonial site, the victim encountered a woman who expressed interest in getting to know him better. They exchanged messages and eventually shared their mobile phone numbers. Unaware of the deceit to come, the software engineer believed he had found a genuine connection.

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The Extortion Scheme Unfolds:

The woman cleverly built a rapport with the victim over a few days. On July 2, she made her first move and called him, requesting a loan of Rs 1,500, citing her mother’s medical emergency. Despite being skeptical, the victim’s empathy led him to transfer the money, wanting to help someone in distress.

However, this seemingly innocuous loan request was just the beginning of a sinister plan. On July 4, around midnight, the woman escalated her tactics by making a video call to the victim.

During the call, she allegedly exposed herself while covertly recording the interaction. With the compromising video in her possession, she threatened to disgrace the software engineer by sharing it with his parents unless he complied with her demands.

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The Terrifying Extortion:

Fearing the repercussions of public humiliation, the software engineer became the victim of relentless blackmail. Succumbing to the woman’s pressure, he transferred a staggering amount of over Rs 1.14 crore to two bank accounts and four mobile numbers as directed by the extortionist.

Revelation and Seeking Justice:

The situation took a dramatic turn when the victim discovered the real identity of the woman only after making several payments. Realizing that he was caught in a web of deceit, he mustered the courage to approach the Bengaluru police and lodged a formal complaint against the extortionist.

The case is being handled under the Information Technology Act, with the authorities leaving no stone unturned to track down the culprit. A senior police officer revealed that the woman likely fabricated a fake profile with the sole intention of extorting money from unsuspecting victims on the matrimonial platform.

Authorities Act to Recover Funds:

As part of their ongoing investigation, the Bengaluru police succeeded in freezing Rs 84 lakh from the woman’s accounts. While this step provides a ray of hope for the complainant and other potential victims, the police are committed to unearthing more evidence to ensure justice prevails.

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A Lesson for Online Users:

This harrowing incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks associated with online interactions. It highlights the importance of exercising caution and verifying the identity of individuals met through virtual platforms. The case also underscores the need for swift action against cybercriminals to safeguard the well-being of internet users.

As the investigation continues, the Bengaluru police urge anyone who might have fallen prey to similar scams or possesses crucial information related to this case to come forward and aid the authorities in their pursuit of justice.

While the road to recovery for the victim may be arduous, his bravery in reporting the crime will undoubtedly help prevent others from suffering a similar fate in the future.


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