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Alert! New Phishing Attack: Scammers Are Creating Clones Of Banking Apps To Steal Your Money



Alert New Phishing Attack: Scammers Creating Clone Of Banking Apps To Steal Your Money

RANCHI: Gone are the days when cyber criminals called you asking for your banking details for KYC, the new-age scammers are creating clones of bank apps and stealing your hard-earned money.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Jharkhand has made a breakthrough in cybercrime after arresting three vicious cybercriminals from the Dhanbad district. Among the arrested is an app developer, Rajesh Kumar Mandal, who allegedly created clone apps to enable cyber fraud and sold them to other cybercriminals for Rs 2,000 each.

The CID received information that cybercriminals were committing fraud by making clone apps of popular banks such as SBI, ICICI, HDFC, and PNB. After forming a team to investigate, the CID arrested the three suspects, who had mobile phones, laptops, routers, and a large amount of data seized from them.

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CID Director General Anurag Gupta said that Rajesh sold the app online, and the cost of each app was Rs 2,000. The app was not only sold to cybercriminals in Jharkhand but also to cybercriminals from other parts of the country. The data was also sold to cybercriminals, who contacted data sellers through JUST DIAL.

Although the arrest of the three cybercriminals is a significant achievement, it is vital that the CID reaches the cybercriminals to whom the app was provided to expose a big cybercrime racket. SBI officials had complained to the CID about the matter, which resulted in the investigation and the subsequent arrests of the suspects.

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The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has issued an alert warning bank customers against a new phishing scam. Cybercriminals have reportedly sent a large number of SMS messages containing phishing-related URL links to account holders of banks such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI, and PNB. The CID has advised against opening these links.

CID Director General, Anuraag Gupta, stated that criminals have sent bulk messages to bank customers across the country. Messages may read “Dear customer, your HDFC bank account will be closed today. Please update your PAN number via the given link thank you!”

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Gupta warned that if customers click on the link, an app called Dash Board will be installed on their mobile phones. The app will then steal their personal data.

To prevent falling victim to such scams, Gupta advises customers not to share personal information with strangers, to avoid clicking on links sent from unknown numbers through SMS messages, and to use Google Play Protect. Customers should also access the customer care number from the official website and dial 1930 if they fall prey to the cybercriminals.

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