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Mystic Who ‘Predicted’ 9/11 Foresees Surge in Cyber Attacks for 2024



Baba Vanga, the late Bulgarian mystic, has made headlines again as her predictions continue to intrigue the world. Known for her alleged prophetic visions, Vanga’s forecasts ranged from the tragic events of 9/11 to a surge in cyber attacks and groundbreaking medical cures in 2024.

Decades ago, followers believe Vanga predicted the 2001 terror attacks on the United States, describing “horror, horror” in a land with “two steel birds.” This has been interpreted as a reference to the tragic September 11 attacks, cementing her status among some as a seer.

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In 2024, attention turns to her less ominous, yet equally striking prediction of significant advancements in medicine, including potential cures for diseases that have long plagued humanity. Medical experts are cautiously optimistic, noting that while Vanga’s predictions are not scientific, they coincide with current breakthroughs in medical research. “We are on the cusp of major discoveries, particularly in genetics and personalized medicine,” says Dr. Elena Mirov, a leading researcher in biomedical science.

Cybersecurity experts are paying attention to these claims as well, considering the increasing reliance on digital technology worldwide. According to them, the prophecy aligns with the current trends in cyber threats.

“The digital realm is expanding, and so are the vulnerabilities. Baba Vanga’s predictions, while mystical in nature, surprisingly echo our data-driven forecasts,” said a cybersecurity analyst who prefers to remain anonymous.

Critics, however, warn against placing too much stock in such predictions, emphasizing the importance of evidence-based planning. Despite this, the mystic’s legacy continues to influence public perception, particularly among her followers who regard her visions as a cautionary tale.

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