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Honoring a Cybersecurity Visionary: Dr. Gulshan Rai Awarded for Excellence in Cyber Strategy At FutureCrime Summit

Cybersecurity pioneer Dr. Gulshan Rai awarded at FutureCrime Summit 2024 for his significant contributions to cyber strategy and safety.



Honoring a Cybersecurity Visionary: Dr. Gulshan Rai Awarded for Excellence in Cyber Strategy

In a distinguished ceremony at the FutureCrime Summit 2024, Dr. Gulshan Rai, a stalwart in the field of cybersecurity, was bestowed with the prestigious Excellence in Cyber Strategy award. The summit, which took place on February 8-9 in New Delhi, became a melting pot of ideas and strategies aimed at fortifying our digital world against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

A Summit of Minds

The FutureCrime Summit 2024 was not just any event. It was a convergence of the brightest minds in cybersecurity, digital forensics, law enforcement, and academia. Over two days, participants engaged in rigorous discussions, exploring new frontiers in the battle against cybercrime. The awards ceremony, presented by the esteemed IPS officer Arun Kumar, highlighted the event, recognizing individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the field.

A Career Dedicated to Digital Safety

Dr. Rai’s journey in the realm of Information Technology spans over three decades, marked by significant contributions to e-Governance, cybersecurity, cyber laws, and more. Currently serving as the Chief Information Security Officer at the Prime Minister’s Office, his career has been a testament to his dedication to national and international cybersecurity efforts.

From leading the National Cyber Security Coordinator’s office to being the driving force behind the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Dr. Rai’s work has been pivotal in shaping India’s cybersecurity framework. His efforts in establishing the National Watch and Alert System and drafting national policies on cyber security and cyber laws have set benchmarks for digital safety in the country.

An Architect of Cyber Resilience

Dr. Rai’s academic and professional journey is a beacon of inspiration. Holding a doctoral degree and an M.Tech, he has not only contributed to the theoretical domain of cybersecurity but has also been instrumental in practical implementations. His role in the development of the National Knowledge Network and his tenure as the Executive Director of ERNET India highlight his commitment to leveraging technology for education and research.

With numerous publications to his name and a record of representing India in various international forums, Dr. Rai’s expertise has been recognized globally. His leadership in negotiations and discussions on security and internet matters underscores his stature as a visionary in the field.

A Legacy of Excellence

The recognition of Dr. Gulshan Rai at the FutureCrime Summit 2024 is more than just an award; it is a testament to a career dedicated to the advancement of cybersecurity and the protection of digital assets. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the contributions of individuals like Dr. Rai become invaluable treasures, guiding future generations towards a safer and more secure digital future.


FutureCrime Summit 2024: A Confluence of Cybersecurity Innovators

The FutureCrime Summit 2024 served as a platform for luminaries in cybersecurity, digital forensics, and crime prevention to collaborate and address the evolving challenges posed by cyber threats. Co-organized by The Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) and IIT Kanpur’s AIIDE Centre of Excellence (CoE), the summit marked a significant milestone in the global fight against cybercrime.


Excellence in CYBER INITIATIVE Odisha Police
Excellence in CYBER LAW ENFORCEMENT Special Task Force (STF), UP Police
Excellence in CYBER POLICING Ankush Mishra, DSP, Uttarakhand Police
Excellence in CYBER STRATEGY Dr. J.M. Vyas, VC, National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU)
Dr. Gulshan Rai, Former NCSC
Dinesh O Bareja, COO – Open Security Alliance
Excellence in CYBER RISK MANAGEMENT Bharat Panchal, Discover Financial Services
Akshay Garkel, Partner & Leader – Cyber at Grant Thornton Bharat LLP
Excellence in CYBER LAW PRACTICE Dr. Karnika Seth, Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Excellence in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH AIIDE Centre of Excellence, Noida
Excellence in CYBER CAPACITY BUILDING K. Venkatesh Murthy, Senior Director, DSCI
Moin Shaikh, Sales Director – India, TRINEXIA
Excellence in FORENSIC HARDWARE DEVELOPMENT eSec Forte Technologies
Excellence in CYBER RISK MITIGATION Smith Gonsalves, Director at CyberSmithSECURE
Excellence in FUTURECRIME RESEARCH Risheek Kumar, Founder, Hackers Pathshala
Saumay Srivastava, Threat Intelligence Researcher, OSINT Analyst
Abhirup Guha, Associate VP, TransAsia Soft Tech (INSURTECH)
Excellence in Ethical Hacking Naveen Singh
Excellence in ONLINE CHILD SAFETY PROGRAM Kaushalya World School
Excellence in CYBER FORENSIC RESEARCH IIMT Group of Colleges


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