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Fear Of Getting Caught Is Essential For Security: Cyber Expert On Recent Crackdown On Underground Forums



Fear Of Getting Caught Is Essential For Security: Cyber Expert on Recent Crackdown on Underground Forums

MUMBAI: Law enforcement agencies crack down on underground forums like Genesis and Breached, resulting in several arrests of those involved. However, cyber experts like Ritesh Bhatia believe that these forums will resurface, but not as strong as they used to be.

Bhaita explained that these forums are referred to as the “dark web,” which is not controlled by one person, but instead has multiple admins that come and go. The forums have decreased in activity, appearing only for a few hours before disappearing again. However, ransomware as a service has increased, and cybercriminals are now operating as gangs. These gangs will likely still be active even if the forums are not.

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Mumbai-based cyber crime expert, Ritesh Bhatia

However, he believes that this crackdown will send a strong message to those who believe that anonymity is guaranteed on the internet. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have proven that anonymity is a myth, and that those who break the law will be caught. This will likely cause some users to leave the forums, reducing the number of people using them. However, those who trust the admins and the platforms will likely continue to use them.

Despite the crackdown, experts believe that child sexual abuse material and drug trafficking will continue to exist on the dark web. These are serious crimes that require ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat.

Mumbai-based cyber expert Ritesh Bhatia believes that fear is an essential aspect of security, and that it is crucial for the media to spread awareness about the risks of the dark web.

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The recent crackdown on underground forums like Genesis and Breached has resulted in several arrests and sends a strong message to those who believe that anonymity is guaranteed on the internet. While the forums will likely resurface, they will not be as strong as they used to be. Fear is an essential aspect of security, and the media should do more to educate the public about the risks of the dark web.

He stressed the importance of spreading awareness about the consequences of such activities to prevent the emergence of similar underground forums in the future.

Bhatia pointed out that the media should play a more active role in raising awareness about cybercrime and its consequences. He emphasized the need for law enforcement agencies to publicly share details about the crackdowns, such as how it was done, what was recovered, and how it was saved. This would help create a sense of fear and discourage cyber criminals from engaging in illegal activities in the future.

He also highlighted the fact that personal information, financial details, and passwords are all found on the dark web, making it important to raise awareness about cybercrime and the dangers associated with it. Bhatia suggested that if the media and law enforcement agencies could work together to spread awareness, it would discourage hackers from putting up data on the dark web, as they would be more afraid of getting caught.

However, Bhatia also acknowledged that cyber criminals will always find new ways to carry out their illegal activities, and that merely shutting down underground forums will not be enough. He explained that these criminals are highly skilled and motivated by the thrill and money associated with cybercrime. As a result, they are likely to continue finding new methods of communication and operating in smaller groups.

In light of this, Bhatia recommended that law enforcement agencies continue to invest in new technologies and training to stay ahead of cyber criminals. He stressed the need for collaboration between countries to share intelligence and coordinate efforts to combat cybercrime.

The crackdown on underground forums is a step in the right direction in the fight against cybercrime. However, it is important to recognize that this is just the beginning of a long battle, and more needs to be done to prevent cyber criminals from continuing to operate in the shadows. Raising awareness and investing in new technologies and training are critical steps in this process.

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