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Future Crime Investigation Lab: Know All About This Initiative By IIT Kanpur Incubated Startup



Future Crime Investigation Lab: Know All About This Initiative By IIT Kanpur Incubated Startup

To make India future-ready and cybercrime-free, IIT Kanpur incubated NGO, Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) is launching a new knowledge platform. The project will work along with leading technology companies, OEMs, vendors, start-ups and experts to build and strengthen the digital investigation capacity of the county.

Future Crime Investigation Lab will be the country’s first and the biggest technology aggregator platform where students, researchers, domain experts, start-ups, and enterprises can showcase their skill sets and the latest tools. The platform is dedicated to strengthening digital investigation.


Future Crime Investigation Lab is going to be one of its kind as it will get deep into the technical aspect of cybercrime, computer forensics, technology fraud, e-discovery, cyber security and much more. Future Crime Investigation Lab has identified over 70 broad areas which is the need of the hour for any investigation. 

This project is an initiative of Future Crime Reserach Foundation (FCRF)  which is continuously working on awareness, training, and capacity building through its highly technical workshops and training modules. 

Through webinars and hybrid events, Future Crime Investigation Lab will bring together top experts, global manufacturers, innovative entrepreneurs, and bright young talents together to share their knowledge and expertise.

The domain expertise and latest tools will help in idea exchange and build the capacity to investigate technical and critical subjects. The lab will assist in creating resources related to dark web investigation, crypto frauds, blockchain analysis, banking fraud, security operation centres, and much more.


Cyber Forensics Domain

1. Digital Forensic & eDiscovery

2. Computer Forensic Hardware

3. Triage & Live Forensic

4. Post Breach Detection

5. Video Forensics

6. Computer Forensic & Internet Artifacts

7. Radio Frequency Shielding Solutions

8. Enterprise Information Management

9. Mobile Forensic Solutions

10. Mobile & IoT Forensics

11. Voice Biometrics

12. MAC & iOS Forensic Solution

13. JTAG & Chip-Off Investigation

14. Social Media Analytics

15. Mobile DFIR Solutions

16. Banking Fraud Analytics

17. AML (Money Laundering) /CFT Analytical Tool

18. CDR/IPDR/PCAP analysis

19. DVR/NVR/CCTV Video Forensic

20. Damage Harddrive Forensic

21. Network Forensic

22. Blockchain Investigation

23. Cryptocurrency Investigation

24. Decryption/Password Recovery Tool

25. Cloud Forensics

26. AI Analytical Tool

27. DarkWeb Analytics


29. Face Recognition Technology

30. Big Data Analytics Platform

31. Malware Analysis

32. Email Forensics

33. Ransomeware investigation

34. Forensic Workstation

35. Forensic Server

36. Technical Surveillance counter Measures

37. Case Management softwares

38. Vehicle Forensic

39. GPS forensics

40. Drone Forensic

41. Photo/ Image Forensics

42. GRC Platform

43. BTS Hunter

44. IMSI Catcher

45. VoIP Forensics

46. Financial Forensics Tools

47. Mobile Forensic Laboratory

48. CSAM Investigation Tool

49.Database Forensics

50.Digital Forensics Services & Training

Cyber-security Domain

1. Zero Trust Security

2. Cyber Deception Platform

3. Phishing Detection & Remediation

4. Email Authentication

5. Post Breach Detection

6. Privileged Access Management

7. Public Attack Surface Protection

8. Encryption Management

9. Data Protection

10. Cloud Security

11. Data-Centric Security

12. Data Discovery & Classification

13. Trusted Identities & Second Transaction

14. Threat Intelligence Platform


16. Various technical surveillance and interception tools

17. Mobile Security

18. Brand Reputation management

19. Data Breach Monitoring , Notification & compliance


21. SCADA Security

22. EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)


If you are a developer, seller, or vendor of the latest investigation tool, then you are in the right place. Future Crime Investigation Lab will not only showcase the strength of your latest products but will also connect with the right people.

Our webinars or training programs will be attended by top law enforcement officers from various central and state agencies, leading technology companies, OEMs, Vendors, experts, researchers, and students.

We look into modern world problems. If any law enforcement agency or corporate is facing a problem related to an investigation share it with us. Researchers of Future Crime Research Foundation along with IIT scholars will deep dive and find a solution for you and build architecture or tools for you.

Based on your problem statement we will conduct research followed by a whitepaper, reports, and survey. This lab will consult corporate and LEAs in matters related to digital investigations or technical analysis.  

There will be a special focus on spotting young talent and innovations. If any student, researcher or start-up wants to research on the technology-driven solution or showcase their skills and tools then Future Crime Investigation Lab will give them the opportunity. They will also be connected to leading companies for their further growth.


Taking this initiative forward, Future Crime Investigation Lab invites applications from all tech companies, developers, OEMs, vendors, start-ups and geeks. The application process is simple. You have to share your brief profile along with your details here:

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