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Dubai Drug Lord’s Inner Circle Exposed in Operation Black Tie, Details Inside

Europol joins global raid on “super cartel” kingpin’s inner circle in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Op Black Tie targets accomplices & corrupt officials!



International Law Enforcement Dismantles Major European Drug Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina
International Law Enforcement Dismantles Major European Drug Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Law enforcement across the globe dealt a huge blow to a powerful European drug cartel in a large-scale raid conducted yesterday in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The operation, codenamed “Black Tie,” targeted the “inner circle” of a major drug lord apprehended in November 2022. Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, played a crucial role in supporting the international investigation.

Taking Down a Super Cartel

This raid marks another critical step in dismantling a so-called “super cartel,” an alliance of criminal networks that controlled a substantial portion of Europe’s cocaine trade. The operation echoes the success of “Operation Desert Light,” another international effort that disrupted this criminal structure.

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Global Collaboration Nets Key Arrests

Over 40 locations across Bosnia and Herzegovina were raided by local law enforcement officers, joined by Europol specialists, agents from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The primary objective of the operation was to capture and prosecute a Bosnian-Herzegovinian/Dutch national identified as a High Value Target (HVT) by Europol and Dutch authorities. This individual was previously sentenced to seven years in prison for drug trafficking by the Netherlands in 2023.

Kingpin Continued Operations from Dubai

Despite his arrest in late 2022, the investigation revealed that the HVT continued to orchestrate drug trafficking from South American source countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, to Europe and even Australia, all while operating from his base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Collaborating with other prominent drug traffickers in Dubai, the HVT allegedly became a dominant figure, investing in multi-ton cocaine shipments destined for Europe and beyond. Additionally, he is suspected of being involved in the production of synthetic drugs within the European Union.

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Inner Circle Crumbles Under Joint Pressure

The raid targeted not only the HVT’s accomplices but also corrupt officials believed to have facilitated the network’s criminal activities. In the lead-up to the operation, Bosnian authorities had already apprehended two suspects and seized a significant amount of cash, firearms, police radios, and money laundering documentation. Yesterday’s action resulted in further seizures of cash, vehicles, laptops, and other incriminating evidence.

Europol’s Instrumental Support

Following a request from Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2023, Europol provided critical support to local authorities in investigating the HVT’s core group of trusted associates. The investigation focused on serious offenses, including large-scale drug trafficking, money laundering, and organized crime within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Europol actively participated in the operation by deploying specialists with mobile offices to Bosnia and Herzegovina. These specialists facilitated intelligence gathering, cross-checking, and coordination between participating agencies. Since early 2021, Europol’s experts have developed and shared over 30 intelligence packages specifically related to the HVT and his criminal network.

Participating Law Enforcement Agencies:

  • Belgium: Federal Judicial Police Antwerp (Federale Gerechtelijke Politie Antwerpen)
  • France: National Police (Police Nationale – Office anti-stupéfiants (OFAST))
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ministry of Interior of Canton Police Sarajevo (Ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova Cantona Sarajevo, Policija Kantona Sarajevo)
  • United States: Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

This large-scale raid signifies a major victory in the fight against international drug trafficking. With continued international collaboration, law enforcement agencies aim to dismantle these criminal organizations and disrupt the flow of illegal drugs.

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