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Here Is How to Report Suspicious Websites, Emails and Mobile Numbers on I4C’s Cyber Crime Portal

Indian citizens fight back against cybercrime with a new, user-friendly portal to report suspicious websites, WhatsApp numbers & more. Report & help authorities take down criminals!



Here Is How to Report Suspicious Websites, Emails and Mobile Numbers on I4C's Cyber Crime Portal

NEW DELHI: To combat digital fraud and enhance cybersecurity, the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) has unveiled the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. This user-friendly platform enables citizens to report suspicious activities and cybercrimes swiftly and securely, including suspicious website URLs, WhatsApp numbers, Telegram handles, and more.

Streamlined Reporting for Effective Cybersecurity

The process of reporting cyber activities through the new portal is straightforward and designed to assist individuals in making quick reports with a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the Portal: Start by accessing the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. The website is intuitively designed to guide users through the reporting process efficiently. (
  2. Identify the Report Section: Upon visiting the homepage, users can easily find the option to report cybercrimes, prominently displayed to ensure quick access.
  3. Detail the Incident: Users are required to provide specific details about the suspicious activity, including any involved website URLs, WhatsApp numbers, Telegram handles, and more.

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  4.   Add Supporting Evidence: It is crucial to include any relevant evidence such as screenshots, detailed descriptions of the activity, or any other information that could support the claim.
  5. Submit the Report: Follow the detailed instructions on the website to submit your report securely. This ensures that all personal information remains protected throughout the process.
  6. Verification and Confirmation: Post submission, the portal may request personal information to verify the identity of the reporter. This step is vital to ensure the authenticity of the report while keeping the reporter’s identity confidential.
  7. Track Your Report: After the report is filed, users receive a confirmation along with a reference number, which can be used to track the progress and responses to the report.

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Expanded Reporting Options

The portal also provides a comprehensive facility for reporting various types of cybercrimes. Users can report incidents involving not just website URLs or messaging handles, but also phone numbers, email IDs, SMS headers, social media URLs, and instances of deepfake technology. This extensive range allows for a broader scope of monitoring and analysis, aiding in the development of a robust cybersecurity strategy.

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Immediate Assistance for Cybercrime Victims

For those who have already fallen victim to cybercrime, immediate assistance is available through the national helpline at 1930 or by reporting directly on It is crucial for victims to report incidents promptly to prevent further damage and aid authorities in taking swift action.

The Importance of Public Participation

By reporting cyber threats, citizens actively contribute to the safety and security of the digital environment. Each report not only aids in the immediate investigation but also helps build a repository for future reference and analysis, enhancing the overall understanding and management of cyber threats.

The launch of the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal marks a pivotal advancement in India’s cybersecurity efforts. With easy access and a straightforward reporting mechanism, it empowers citizens to play an active role in combating cybercrime, ultimately leading to a safer digital space for everyone.

For more information or to report a cyber incident, please visit the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. Your vigilance is a vital part of safeguarding our digital future.


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