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Builder Commits Suicide in Dehradun, South Africa’s Gupta Brothers Arrested

Sahni left a suicide note addressed to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, alleging threats and financial disputes with the Gupta brothers and a BJP leader. The police have arrested Ajay and Anil Gupta following the incident.



Builder S.S. Sahni Commits Suicide; Gupta Brothers Arrested in Connection with the Case

Dehradun: In a tragic turn of events, S.S. Sahni, a prominent builder from Dehradun, committed suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of an under-construction building located on Rajpur Road. The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting severe underlying issues of threats and financial disputes.

Sahni, also known as Baba Sahni, left behind a suicide note addressed to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. In the note, Sahni claimed that he had been under severe depression due to ongoing threats and financial disputes with several businessmen, particularly the Gupta brothers from Africa and a local BJP leader. The note has revealed that Sahni had been facing severe harassment, which had exacerbated his depression and led to his drastic decision.

The Suicide Note

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Sources reveal that Sahni had been embroiled in various disputes with other builders in the past, leading to a tense and precarious situation. His suicide note also mentions a BJP leader who had previously caused significant trouble for multiple builders, including leading one builder to jail.

Following the incident, Dehradun police swiftly arrested Ajay Gupta and Anil Gupta. The Gupta brothers have been linked to several controversial dealings, notably, their involvement was crucial in the downfall of former South African President Jacob Zuma.

The Gupta brothers – Atul, Rajesh, and Ajay – are well-known in South Africa for their involvement in large-scale corruption and state capture scandals. Since their arrival in South Africa in 1993, they have built a vast business empire across several industries, including mining, media, and technology. Their close association with former South African President Jacob Zuma allowed them to wield significant influence, which they allegedly used to secure lucrative state contracts and manipulate government appointments.

One of the most significant controversies involving the Guptas was the 2013 incident where they used a South African military airbase to land a private plane carrying guests for a family wedding, causing a national outcry. Furthermore, the Zondo Commission, established in 2018 to investigate state capture, revealed how the Guptas had siphoned off large sums of state funds and laundered them through a network of companies, causing extensive financial damage to the South African economy.

The Gupta brothers fled South Africa in 2018 amid growing allegations and investigations. They were later arrested in the United Arab Emirates, but South Africa’s request for their extradition was dismissed by a UAE court in April 2023​.

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The police are now in possession of Sahni’s suicide note, which serves as a piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation.

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