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Bengaluru Businessman Loses Rs 68,000 in Electric Scooter Scam

Bangalore Resident’s Scam Story Highlights Need for Consumer Vigilance



Bengaluru Businessman Loses Rs 68,000 in Electric Scooter Scam

BENGALURU: Apurva Arora, a 55-year-old businessman from Bengaluru, dreamt of zipping along on the latest electric scooter. Little did he know, his excitement would be hijacked by a cybercrime gang lurking in the digital shadows.

Arora’s quest for an e-scooter landed him on a seemingly legitimate website, one carefully crafted by con artists. He fell victim to a common online trap: sponsored links masquerading as the real deal. A click, a call, and he was entangled in a web of deceit.

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“They were smooth operators,” Arora recounted, his voice tinged with disbelief. Within minutes of expressing interest, he received a call from a “sales executive” claiming to work from a nearby showroom. Photos, specifications, and even an enticing EMI plan painted a picture of a dream purchase.

A flurry of instructions followed. Booking charges, down payments, RTO fees – each transaction chipping away at Arora’s trust. Yet, the promise of a test drive and easy refund kept him from suspecting the worst. Until, that is, a brazen demand for the full payment before delivery raised a red flag.

“Something didn’t feel right,” Arora said, the realization dawning. With a sinking feeling, he reported the scam to the police. His Rs 68,000, hard-earned savings meant for a greener ride, had vanished into thin air.

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Arora’s story serves as a stark reminder of the perils lurking in the online marketplace, especially for sought-after products like electric scooters. Cybercriminals are capitalizing on the growing demand, weaving intricate webs of deception to exploit unsuspecting customers.

Lessons Learned:

  • Double-check: Don’t trust sponsored links on search engines. Visit the official website directly or rely on trusted sources for recommendations.
  • Verify Contact Information: Cross-check phone numbers and addresses with the official website or call directories. Look for inconsistencies or missing information.
  • Beware Upfront Payments: Legitimate sellers rarely demand full payment before delivery. Be wary of requests for large sums, especially via online transfers.
  • Test Drives Matter: Insist on a test drive before committing to a purchase. A genuine seller should be accommodating.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: If something feels off, don’t hesitate to report it to the authorities. Early action can help track down the culprits and potentially recover your money.

Electric scooters may be the talk of the town, but navigating the online purchase landscape requires caution. By staying vigilant and informed, we can avoid becoming victims of the next e-scooter scam. Arora’s experience is a harsh lesson, but it serves as a clear call to arms: ride safe, but ride smart.

Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t let the buzz of electric scooters cloud your judgment – stay informed, stay cautious, and stay safe in the digital marketplace.

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