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Daily Cybercrime Brief by Future Crime Researchers [21.04.2024] : Cyber espionage, Woman duped of Rs 61 Lakhs, West Bengal CID nabs cyber offenders and more



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

The West Bengal CID has dismantled a scam network operating across multiple states and apprehended the ringleader in Gujarat

  • The West Bengal CID, with the help of Gujarat police, dismantled a multi-state cyber fraud gang.
  • Shah Darahil Pareshbhai, residing in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, was identified as the mastermind.
  • The gang operated in several states, including Jharkhand, targeting victims through phone calls.
  • A retired army man filed a complaint after falling victim to the scam in November 2023.
  • Through technical surveillance, the police located and apprehended the mastermind in Gujarat, who will face legal proceedings in West Bengal.

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Managing cybersecurity risks associated with identity-based threats

  • Traditional password-based security measures are increasingly ineffective against sophisticated identity-based cyber threats.
  • Attackers exploit vulnerabilities in multi-factor authentication (MFA) and API keys, making MFA a prime target.
  • Identity attacks, including phishing and social engineering, are on the rise, with adversaries focusing on harvesting credentials rather than using traditional malware.
  • Organizations should prioritize implementing identity threat protection, phishing-resistant MFA, and securing cloud environments to mitigate risks.
  • Enhancing visibility, consolidating security solutions, and empowering security teams with modern cybersecurity platforms are crucial for effective threat response.

Assam Police Crack Cybercrime Ring, Arrest Four

  • Guwahati police arrested 4 people for cyber financial fraud.
  • The gang targeted financially vulnerable individuals, enticing them to share bank account details in exchange for promised returns.
  • The arrested suspects, Dipak Singh, Rupam Goswami, Firoz Khan, and Shlok Kumar, hail from West Bengal and Bihar.
  • A joint operation by the East District and Crime Branch, Guwahati led to the gang’s capture in Bhetapara area.
  • Police seized twelve mobile phones, one HP Laptop, and multiple bank debit cards during the raid, registering a case under Section 66-D of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

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61-Year-Old Woman Falls Victim to Rs 6.56 Lakh Cyber Fraud

  • A 61-year-old woman fell victim to cyber fraudsters impersonating Customs officials and Delhi police officers.
  • The fraudsters claimed her Aadhar number was linked to drug smuggling and instructed her to transfer Rs 6.56 lakh for verification, promising a refund.
  • The woman, reliant on rental income, transferred the money via RTGS out of fear of legal repercussions.
  • Upon realizing the scam, she reported the incident to the police, leading to the registration of an FIR.
  • The police have initiated an investigation under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act against the unknown perpetrators.

India’s Defence and Energy Sectors Targeted by Cyber Espionage

  • Cyber espionage targeting Indian defense and energy sectors involved the exfiltration of 8.81 GB of data by unidentified hackers, according to analysts at EclecticIQ.
  • The attack, detected in March, compromised emails, credentials, server details, personal information of army personnel, and corporate documents from various Indian government and energy entities.
  • The hackers used phishing emails to distribute malware, with one attack posing as an invitation letter from the Indian Air Force.
  • Similar cyberattacks targeting Indian Air Force officials were uncovered earlier in the year by Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs, with one attack using a deceptive ZIP file.
  • Despite facing significant cyber threats, including those originating from China, India has been slow to fully address the potential repercussions and strengthen its cybersecurity infrastructure.

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